Top 5 Ways Contractors Keep Busy During the Winter

For most construction businesses, the beginning of the winter marks the end of their working season – especially for those in the colder northern regions.

While some make enough profit during the busy construction months to outlast the winter, the majority of contractors need to keep busy in order to keep their cash flow from coming to a standstill. Here’s the top 5 ways contractors keep busy during the winter:

1. Do the Winter Work Your Customers Hate

You’d be surprised how much your customers will be willing to pay just so they won’t have to lift a shovel, or string lights on their homes in the freezing cold.

Keeping busy during the winter is all about using the tools and experience you and your crew have to solve the changing seasonal needs of your customers.

No one wants to shovel their driveways, clear their streets of snow, etc. As the owner of a construction company, chances are you have the machinery to take care of it for your customers, quickly and easily.

Think outside of your job description. Does your company have what it takes to offer exterior holiday lighting and decorating services?

Contractors that take advantage of such universally-hated holiday chores are able to quickly and easily come up with the cash flow they’d otherwise be missing in hibernation.

Some even go so far as to take commissions on everything from repairing snow blowers and snow mobiles, to cutting down christmas trees, and delivering them to customers’ houses – all for higher prices than you’d expect.

2. Offer “Pre-Winter” and “Emergency Winter Services”

Home and business owners of all kinds dread the winter months. Your customers will want to know that their electricity won’t go out in a blizzard, and that their heater will be able to keep their home warm throughout the season.

Here, you have two chances to make two entirely new channels of revenue from these needs.

First, you should start preparing your business to offer “Pre-Winter Services.” Check your customers’ homes to ensure their homes have the quality utilities and structural integrity to last the winter. Check their plumbing, boilers, heaters, the foundation of their homes, etc. Your customers will appreciate your care for their well-being, and you’ll appreciate all the extra cash in your pocket.

Second, offer these same services during the winter months themselves. Call them “Emergency Winter Services.”

Be the hero to your customers, and offer your services to people that find themselves without heat, frozen pipes, and damaged homes due to weather during the winter, and watch your brand become a trusted and respected name among a growing customer base in no time.

3. Indoors Construction and Remodeling Services

The winter is one of the best times for remodeling the interiors of homes.

In fact, there’s a growing demand among home and business owners for remodeling services during the holiday season. Being trapped inside for so long, it’s become a fun event for clients to look forward to.

So, give your customers what they want! The most successful contractors offer services exclusive to winter months including:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Flooring
  • Interior painting
  • Remodeling
  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Lighting
  • Electrical

And anything else you can imagine. Consider the experience level that each member of your crew has with services that take place indoors, and take advantage of all the different ways you can help new and existing customers this season.

4. “Holiday Discounts” for Small Projects

Winter is the season to offer as many “discounts” and “holiday bargains” as you can. People go nuts for them – especially if there’s a level of urgency, or fear of missing out on “winter-only pricing.”

Home and business owners know that it’s sometimes the smallest projects that add the most value to a home. For these fast and simple jobs – ie. replacing a door, putting up molding, spackling, etc. – holiday discounts are great at convincing customers that they should take advantage of projects like these that they would be putting off indefinitely otherwise.

So step your advertising game up, and come up with a not-too-cheap holiday discount for small jobs like these, and give your customers another reason to be excited for the holidays.

5. Leverage Customer and Business Connections

That is, relationships with both your existing customers, and your connections to other businesses within your circle.

Let’s face it- your existing customers will always be your best, most reliable source of income. They’re the ones that have come to trust you over the years, and the ones who will call you back when they need work done. Ask yourself, are you taking full advantage of these relationships?

Over the next couple months, take in every detail you can about your existing customers’ homes and businesses. Passively suggest that they should consider getting things checked out to make sure everything will go smoothly during the winter.

Are you aware of that draft? That could get nasty really soon.

Does your heater always make that sound? You’re playing a dangerous game by relying on that to last you this winter.

Check in on all your existing customers around the holidays to wish them well, and see how your recent work is holding up, see if they’re still satisfied, and make sure everything’s looking okay for the winter.

As for your business connections, make sure you’re taking full advantage of every relationship you have.

Is there a business owner you’re connected to that can’t help their customers in a way that you can? Consider offering the chance to collect commission for referring their customers to you! And on the flip side, talk to your business connections to see if there’s a way you can earn commissions by referring your customers to them!

It’s Time to Start Preparing

Preparing a construction business to expand their services in order to start earning from entirely new channels of revenue takes time, money and resources.

While you might have what you need already for the majority of the projects you’ll take on, chances are you’re going to need a steady and reliable source of capital to fund material purchases, equipment purchases, labor costs, and other spontaneous expenses.

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About the Author, Joe Camberato
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