Top 5 Business Services Start-Ups NEED to Succeed

Last Updated on July 26, 2019

You’ve started a new business. Ever since you started taking on customers, you’ve barely had a moment to breathe, let alone take care of things behind the scenes.

Building an all-star team, developing your brand, and media recognition all play a part in helping your start-up achieve the success you’re striving toward. But even when you’re successful in these areas, there’s plenty more you have to do in order to keep things running smoothly.

Who will answer when the phone rings? Who’s handling payroll and bookkeeping? Is your business protected against every basic liability

If you don’t have an answer, then it may be time to reconsider your company’s structure to include business services. Taking some of the more mundane, tedious and time-consuming tasks off your plate by utilizing a business services company can help your start-up to land more sales, and generate higher revenue.

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Hiring Vs. Utilizing Business Services

If business is moving along well, then why not strike while the iron’s hot by adding new members to your team that can handle these issues?

While adding valuable members to your team is crucial, in the start-up stage, these team members should add value to your company, product or service. Eventually, you may reach a stage where it makes sense to hire an in-house accountant or receptionist. But as you begin building, it’s critical to allocate cash flow toward revenue-generating expenses.

That’s where start-up business services companies can come in handy. They’re far more cost-effective than hiring new employees, and can be more efficient, too!

Instead of paying a salary or hourly wages, you’ll pay a flat fee. You’ll also save on benefits, and not to mention, save valuable office space for team members that can generate higher revenue. Because business service providers are experienced, there won’t be any downtime or learning curve, either.

Top 5 Business Services Your Start-Up Must Utilize

1. Payroll Services for Small Business

Payroll should be the last thing that you think about when you’re building your start-up business. Eliminate this weekly or bi-weekly headache using an all-in-one, web-based solution that handles everything from tracking employee time to depositing wages!

Without wasting time training a new employee to get acquainted with a new system, a payroll service lets you hit the ground running right away! Additionally, payroll service providers are well-versed in payroll tax laws, helping you steer clear of any violations.

This automated payroll solution also pays employees in accordance with tracked time, based on pre-designated hourly rates. As part of a larger HR portal, this payroll service is fully supported by a team of professionals ready to help!

Payroll service for start-ups allow you to cut costs, while delivering seamless payroll and remaining compliant with regulations!

2. Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses

Taking on new clients as a start-up business can be an exciting time. But if you’re not billing and receiving payments in an organized and efficient manner, then you’re just postponing an inevitable headache.

That’s where bookkeeping services come in handy for start-ups.

Rather than switching hats to bookkeeper or hiring a new employee, utilize digital bookkeeping services to automate and verify all transactions. Zipbooks does all of the heavy lifting, and includes 24/7 access to a support team!

As a user-friendly cloud-based software, ZipBooks reduces time, stress, and not to mention, paperwork by a wide margin.

3. Business Incorporation Services for Your Start-Up

Your company may have started with a clever name, but eventually, it’ll become time to upgrade to an LLC. And not just for the formal-sounding acronym at the end of your name.

Incorporating your business offers a host of benefits, including:

  • Stronger asset protection structure
  • Improved credibility in the eyes of customers
  • Enjoy deductions when tax season rolls around
  • Establish retirement funds with ease

Once you realize you’re in it for the long haul, incorporating should be one of your first steps. But doing it the right way can take time, and filing endless piles of paperwork.

Business incorporation services cut out these time-wasting steps, while still providing the same huge benefits! Incorporation representatives can handle all of the legal processing, from the initial application to any follow-up paperwork. After the fact, representatives can help by answering any questions you might have around the clock!

Never risk everything just to save time—trust an incorporation service to help your company make the transition quickly and easily!

4. Answering Services for Start-Ups

The phone is ringing, but you’re already speaking to a lead. So are all of your other sales reps. How can you take the call (and potentially a new customer) without neglecting your current customers?

Answering services direct all calls to the appropriate employee without constant effort on your end! Many answering service reps are located in the U.S., meaning there will never be a language barrier or dropped call.

To make sure the answering service is benefitting your start-up in the best way possible, provide custom protocols and instructions! The answering service reps will either direct the call to the appropriate employee, schedule a meeting, or screen the call to save your valuable time.

If your start-up is designed to service customers around the clock, then choose a 24/7 answering service! Otherwise, instruct reps to answer calls during regular business hours.

With answering services handling your phones, constant ringing can (once again) become a good thing!

5. Digital Marketing Business Services

Your awesome new company has solved an age-old problem with a fresh solution. But one problem remains: nobody knows. Digital marketing business services can help your start-up spread the word to generate more leads, sales and revenue!

As a start-up, your website will be the best selling tool available. Through digital marketing services, we can help your start-up to increase website traffic, spread brand awareness, and drive sales! Your competitors are more than likely already doing it, but our cost-effective method will prove its value in helping you step ahead.

National offers a variety of digital marketing services, all of which are cost-effective solutions to growing your digital footprint and generating revenue:

  • Web Design: Our web design team will build your start-up a fresh, modern website that offers a great customer/user experience! To maximize your chances of ranking well on Google, we’ll also ensure that it’s fully optimized for search engines using SEO best practices.
  • PPC Ads: Pay-per-click ads drive traffic to your website quickly and easily, without high overhead costs that other advertising methods demand. Instead of paying a flat advertising rate, you’ll only pay when a lead clicks on your ads.
  • Social Media: Social media marketing enables you to engage with your audience in a light, conversational manner! It’s also an effective way to market new products/solutions, and more.
  • Email: Have you been collecting and compiling customer email addresses? We can reach all of your contacts through email marketing, which enables you to advertise to as many people as possible!

National can handle all of your digital marketing needs, increase website traffic and generate even higher revenue in the process!

Start-Up Business Services: Start Saving Money & Driving Revenue Today

There’s simply not enough time in the day to handle sales, fulfill customer needs and  take care of everything that businesses need to handle to continue growing. 

National works with top-rated service providers to ensure that you can keep your mind on the more important things! We focus on meeting your needs so that you can keep building, instead of hitting simple roadblocks.

Check out our full list of business services and apply now to get started!

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