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Comparing SBA Loans With Unsecured Small Business Loans

Most business owners know that they can apply for financing through the Small Business Administration (SBA). Fewer business owners know that there are alternative financing options which may be available to them. Let’s take a look…  SBA Loans vs. Unsecured Small Business Loans The SBA has an affiliation with the government and a long historyRead More

Financing for Tax Payments

Are you starting to get “spring fever”? Daylight savings time has given us the much anticipated extra hour(s) of light at the end of our workdays and many of us are just itching to get out and enjoy them. Unfortunately, there is another day right around the corner that may be making you feel feverishRead More

Employee Appreciation Can Boost Profits

National Business Capital is a small business advocate. Not only do we provide beneficial business financing, but we offer tips, tricks, and strategies that many of our clients find useful. Such as today’s topic, employee appreciation.

NY, NJ, & CT Businesses Still Having Trouble Obtaining Business Loans

According to the 2013 Small Business Borrower’s Poll, businesses in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut still face difficulties in obtaining business loans. 63% of businesses were approved for financing, however, that number is the same as the year before. 

Is Alternative Financing Worth the Higher Interest Rates?

Having access to money is imperative for a business to run successfully. Many business owners will face a time when they could use extra capital to make ends meet or take advantage of an opportunity.  Unfortunately, the process of securing a bank loan is lengthy, which may mean a missed opportunity, and it can be difficultRead More

Are You Prepared To Pay Taxes?

April 15th is fast approaching and many business owners are worried about paying their tax bill. For many, 2012 was a year of ups and downs as the economy struggled to better itself. Weather was added problem especially for those in our local Long Island area. Super Storm Sandy and Winter Storm Nemo caused destruction andRead More

Tax Time Worries? National Business Capital Can Help!

Tax season is tough, especially in this difficult economy.  Often, money is stretched just to cover operating expenses and business owners find they are unable to pay taxes. Fortunately, National Business Capital can help! National Business Capital offers a variety of financing programs and works with each applicant to  create a tailor fit solution. NationalRead More

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