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4 Ways Your Social Media Can Influence Getting a Business Loan

Whether we realize it or not, our presence on social media affects nearly every aspect of our lives. And that includes the financial sector. Indeed, having a vibrant social-media presence can make a positive impact when your small business goes to apply for a loan. (Conversely, having an outdated or unresponsive social media footprint won’tRead More

How to Leverage Social Media to Promote Your Brand

From Facebook and Pinterest to Twitter and Instagram—the potential for incorporating social media into your brand is boundless because it is everywhere.   As tech continues to put the global marketplace at just about everyone’s fingertips, more and more businesses are becoming aware of social media’s value in reaching new markets. In fact, it’s noRead More

Are You Taking Advantage of Social Media to Promote Your Business?

Social media has become a large piece of the marketing puzzle for businesses, but many business owners fail to understand the true value.  While social media strategies will differ from business to business, each should implement and use social media.

Pinterest for My Business?

The use of social media in business is on the rise and business owners are learning that it is not whether they use it, but how they use it.  Keeping up with the constant evolution of social media can create a challenge for the business owner to implement the best strategy. The newest social networkRead More

How Much Do You Need?