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Nassau County business financing

The Cost of a New Hire

Hiring new employees should be exciting, whether the reason for the hire is to replace a worker who is leaving or because the business is growing. Any change in staff has the potential to bring change to the business as a whole since the new hire will bring fresh ideas, different experiences, new personality andRead More

Alternative Business Financing FAQ

If you manage a business, you know that obtaining business financing can be overwhelming. In addition to traditional sources of funding, such as bank loans, alternative sources of financing have become very popular. One question we hear on a daily basis at National Business Capital is, “what is the difference between factoring and accounts receivableRead More

National Business Capital Helps Local Family

Business owners shoulder a lot of responsibilities including the ones to their employees and their customers. In addition, they also have responsibilities to the community in which they conduct their business.

Poor Weather Leads to Loss in Revenue

Everyone has been talking about the unusual weather we have been experiencing. Lots of cold weather and rain with some high heat sprinkled here and there. For most, this weather has meant delayed pool openings, less beach time, indoor exercise instead of outdoor, but for business owners, this weather could mean a disruption in salesRead More

NY, NJ, & CT Businesses Still Having Trouble Obtaining Business Loans

According to the 2013 Small Business Borrower’s Poll, businesses in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut still face difficulties in obtaining business loans. 63% of businesses were approved for financing, however, that number is the same as the year before. 

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