SBA Shutdown Raises Demand for Revolving Credit Lines - Read More


Independent Practices: 6 Ways to Use Holiday Slowdowns Wisely

Everybody knows that emergency rooms are often at their busiest during the holidays. But the same is not true for independent practices. In fact, studies show that November and December are two of the slowest months for smaller practices across the country. Instead of thinking of ways to get more business this holiday season, here’sRead More

How Physician Loans Help Grow Your Medical Practice

These days, physicians do not just need to be health care experts: they must also be savvy practice managers — which is not as straightforward an undertaking as it may seem. Indeed, physicians learn early on in their careers that cash flow management is not as simple as providing services, collecting payments, and paying bills.Read More

How to Bypass Slow Healthcare Insurance Payments

Slow insurance payments are making it harder than ever for healthcare professionals of all kinds to overcome small challenges such as paying their bills, as well as those seeking to grow and develop their practice by hiring staff, expanding their building, or purchasing equipment. Unpredictable Reimbursement Over 30% of all patients will leave medical practicesRead More

NBC Prepares Medical Community for Big Changes

National Business Capital, an alternative financing group headquartered in Bohemia, New York, announced today that the firm is prepared to assist members of the medical community through its specialized Loans for Doctors and Equipment Financing programs. These financing options are in response to the shift in healthcare toward greater technology-focused diagnoses, applications, equipment and treatments.Read More

How to Get Medical Financing with Bad Credit

National Business Capital is an alternative financing company. We help business owners obtain financing for every size and almost every type of company in any industry across the country. Our experience has demonstrated to us that anyone in any business can have bad credit or even an open tax lien. Neither of these pose anRead More

Traditional Medical Financing Companies vs National Business Capital

To continuously provide superior healthcare, medical practitioners require updated and upgraded diagnostic equipment as well as those machines utilized during treatment. Given variables such as insurance claims and overall business operations, many physicians and hospitals do not have sufficient working capital to direct towards making these important upgrades. When Doctors and other medical specialists, health care facilityRead More

Medical Financing Solutions for Professionals

When a medical practice, health care facility or organization requires financing, their bank may not be the best or most expeditious place to turn. Traditional financial institutions have strict guidelines that may extend the timeline for the financing process and weeks can often stretch into months before a decision is reached and the funds areRead More

How to Obtain Medical Equipment Financing

Many components comprise today’s medical offices. These include specialized capital and diagnostic equipment used for examination and treatment, waiting room, exam room, office staff furniture and computers – even waiting room media systems. All of this equipment requires both initial purchase or lease and eventual upgrades or replacement. Whether medical professionals lease or purchase equipmentRead More

Medical Practice Financing

From the time a physician graduates from medical school to the time they retire, they often provide 50 or even 60 years of service to their communities. Their offices, staff and equipment have a much shorter span of service, however. The same is true for dentists, pharmacy professionals, primary care physicians and specialists. When itRead More

Dental Practice Financing

As more and more Millennials come of age, marry and start families, the need for quality dental care increases. Families trend toward suburban living, and many new housing developments have sprung up nationwide. For dentists in practice for over a decade, chances are that their equipment and possibly their facilities are out of date. Perhaps,Read More

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