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3 Questions to Ask Potential Inventory Financing Companies

Inventory financing is essentially a line of credit that uses current inventory as collateral to lower the cost of borrowing, and free up capital that can be used more effectively and profitably.

5 Signs That Inventory Financing Might be the Right Funding Solution for Your Business

If you’re in the market for business funding, then you’ve already discovered (or will very shortly find out!) that there are many different products available. Especially if you head into the alternative funding marketplace, there are fewer restrictions and therefore more options to choose from. As you’re browsing funding options, one lesser known option thatRead More

6 Questions to Ask Inventory Financing Companies Before Applying

Inventory financing is a funding option that may be suitable if your business has high inventory turnover, but needs a cash infusion to replenish stock levels in order to maximize revenues and profits. Alternatively, inventory financing could be viable if you have ready-to-ship inventory that hasn’t yet been paid for (in whole or part), andRead More

How Does Inventory Financing Work & Is It Right for Your Business?

Inventory financing is essentially a line of credit that uses inventory (either a portion or all) as collateral. It allows businesses to tap into the value of their inventory, even though it may not yet be completely finished and in saleable condition (which can be the case in manufacturing), or simply hasn’t been sold yet.Read More

How Much Do You Need?