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Revolving Business Lines of Credit vs. Loans

Comparing the differences between revolving business lines of credit vs. loans is like comparing apples and oranges.  They both come with their own lists of benefits that help nurture growth. However, the ways they work to accomplish the same goals make them more different than they are similar. Business Lines of Credit vs. Loans: DifferencesRead More

How Hard is it to Get a Business Loan?

Every business business owner that lacks the necessary capital to face a daunting obstacle, or take advantage of an exciting opportunity for growth wants to know the answer to the question:  “How hard is it to get a business loan?” The harder the funding process, the more time, money and resources are exhausted by businessRead More

How Do Business Loans Work?

Starting a small business is an exhilarating experience. Indeed, running their own company is the culmination of a lifetime ambition for many first-time business owners. However, operating a new business also requires a great deal of application and hard work. After all, there’s so much more to creating a successful business than opening the doorsRead More

What’s the Difference Between Cash Advances and Loans?

Nearly every small business needs a little extra funding from time to time. And this is especially true if your company is just starting out, or if you’re taking on a new challenge. Often, the key to achieving financial success is identifying the optimal loan or cash advance for your business. But how do youRead More

What are the Qualifications for a Business Loan with National Business Capital vs. a Bank?

One of the most frequent — and also among the most important — questions that we receive here at National Business Capital, is what distinguishes our qualifications for a business loan vs. a bank’s qualifications. Below is a high-level factor-by-factor overview of the key differences: Credit Scores At National Business Capital, our clients do notRead More

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