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3 Consequences of Choosing the Wrong Business Lender

As a business owner, you face enough risk making day-to-day decisions regarding everything from resource optimization to where to hold the staff anniversary party. However, these risks and complexities can seem like a proverbial walk in the park if you choose the wrong business lender. Here are 3 painful and costly consequences that await youRead More

3 Ways to Identify Profitable Opportunities to Exploit with Business Lending

It’s widely understood that obtaining business lending is an effective — and often essential — solution for covering an urgent or unexpected working capital shortage. However, it’s somewhat less well known — yet just as valuable and important — for businesses to realize that business lending is also necessary to exploit profitable opportunities. Below, weRead More

Are These 3 Business Lending Myths Holding Your Business Back?

Some myths are harmless, or even fun and enjoyable. However, there are times when myths aren’t fun or friendly — in fact, they’re costly and dangerous. Unfortunately, business lending myths fall squarely into the latter bucket. Rather than helping businesses get ahead, they hold them back and bog them down. To help keep your businessRead More

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