Small Business Loans for Women

Women-Owned Businesses Are On the Rise!

According to an American Express’ OPEN Survey, as of 2014 there are nearly 9.1 million businesses owned by women and these employ nearly 7.9 million workers and generate over $1.4 trillion in revenues annually. And the industries that have the greatest number of firms owned by women are health care and social assistance.

This sector includes doctors, dentists, residential care facilities and child care provides (17%). Other top industries with companies run by women include professional/scientific and technical services such as attorneys, accountants, public relations and human resources, organizational development consulting, retail, administrative support and waste management services.

Why is it so Hard for Women to Get Small Business Loans?

Given the total revenue generated by women-run firms, it is clear that small business loans for women are essential to help fuel the overall economy. Yet most of these success stories would not have been possible without financial support when it was needed most. However, according to a recent study from the Small Business Administration (SBA), small business loans for women are harder to come by than those for businesses run by men. For one thing, more women are likely to have comprised credit than men. As a result, traditional lenders may not make small business loans for women with bad credit. As the SBA also states that the amount of startup capital is a “strong predictor of business success,” where do female business owners, especially those seeking small business loans for women with bad credit, look to find the working capital their businesses require?

Where Can Business Owners Find Small Business Loans for Women?

The majority seek alternative funding. National Business Capital & Services, a leading alternative lender offers many financial options for women business owners to consider. These range from SBA loan programs, the majority of which have been historically awarded to women. Our Business Consultants will gladly guide applicants for these funding instruments and keep them apprised of every step of their loan process. National also realizes that anyone who has started a business and put their finances on the line for it may have a lower FICO score than average. This does not disqualify any applicant from receiving a small business loan through National. We look at the entire picture and use realistic underwriting criteria in making our loan decisions. Our Business Consultants take the time to get to know our clients and will work hard to locate small business loans for women with bad credit. Over 70% of our borrowers had their loan applications declined by their banks before coming to us. We are justly proud of our over 90% approval rate and will strive to assist you to find the financing your business requires.

Time to Empower Businesswomen!

Every business owner knows that sufficient liquidity is empowering. Having the working capital on hand at the right moment means it can be quickly diverted into funding that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, or be used to purchase or lease major equipment, to break ground on a new location or even to cover salaries. When business owners need financial assistance quickly, call National Business Capital & Services. Our application is not time consuming and you will have our decision within 24 hours. Once approved, the funds are yours in days.’

Take the Next Step

Women-run businesses make a sizable contribution to the Nation’s GNP. However, National Business Capital & Services understands that earlier financial sacrifices to keep their business going may have contributed to a lower FICO score. Therefore we do not deny small business loans to women with bad credit. If your firm requires working capital to achieve your business goals, talk to us. We take a personal interest in our clients and their enterprises. We’ll work hard to locate the right funding to assist your business to achieve its goals. Call us today at: (877) 842-3008, 1-minute online application or fill out our today to get started!

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