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Small Business Loan Calculators: Estimate Your Monthly Payment

Find Your Ideal Business Loan Rates, Terms & Amounts

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to business financing. Each business has its own unique needs and concerns. Use National’s business loan calculator to find the best financing solution that meets all your business needs! Do you find this tool helpful? Share it with your followers...

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Revolving Business Line of Credit

A business line of credit grants you immediate access to cash-on-hand whenever you need it, with the ability to draw more at a later date. You only have to pay for what you use, which in turn lowers your cost of capital, and protects you from overpaying and overborrowing.

With revolving terms, you can also place any funds you withdrew back into your line of credit, where it will become available for you to use once again.

A revolving business line of credit is different from a small business loan, in that you aren’t obligated to use all the funds you borrow. Instead, you can withdraw whatever amount you need from your line of credit at a time, or use it all at once—the choice is yours! Any funds that you are not using will always remain available for you to use in your credit line.

Use our business line of credit calculator to find a credit line with terms that best match your business needs, and discover the convenience and flexibility of a true revolving business line of credit!

Commercial Mortgage Calculator With Taxes & Insurance

If you’re looking for the fastest, easiest way to purchase, expand or refinance your building, National can help you obtain the best commercial mortgage loan in the marketplace to make it happen. Use our commercial mortgage loan calculator to determine the loan amount, term length and interest rate that works best for you and your business!

Obtaining new commercial real estate or making expansions to an existing building is an exciting time in the life of every business. In addition to growing your business, when you obtain new commercial property, you also gain a new asset separate from your business while you start building equity.

However, high costs often make these payments difficult to impossible for business owners to make themselves. Fortunately, commercial mortgage financing from National offers highly-competitive rates, long terms and large amounts, making financing your commercial property goals easier, and protects your business from operational hold-ups due to self-funding.

7 Year Equipment Loan Calculator

We offer equipment financing for businesses of all sizes, for every industry, with funding typically provided within 48 hours. Use our equipment loan calculator to find the amounts, rates and term lengths you need to finance your new equipment, and grow your business.

When a business needs new, upgraded or replacement equipment in order to grow, speed and convenience should always be a top priority. From heavy equipment for construction and manufacturing companies, to industry-leading medical equipment, and office computers and fax machines, National can help you get the equipment loan you need with less paperwork, and a faster time to access funds than you’ll find anywhere else.

Using an equipment loan to finance your new equipment instead of self-funding your purchases may even provide tax benefits that can beef up your tax return, and save you upwards of thousands on interest costs!

SBA Loan Monthly Payment & Interest Calculator

SBA loans are one of the most popular financing options among small business owners in the US, due to their long list of benefits (low prime rates, long terms, large amounts and a guarantee from the Federal Government to name a few). However, the list of SBA challenges that business owners must face is just as long, which includes lengthy wait times (upwards of 4+ months), miles of red tape, complicated paperwork, and extreme approval qualifications.

Stellar credit and a spotless financial record is often required, resulting in thousands of small business owners being rejected for SBA funding every day. This makes SBA loans one of the most difficult funding options for small business owners to obtain and utilize effectively.

Fortunately, National found a way to streamline and expedite the SBA funding process. National’s exclusive Hybridge™ SBA Loan program has revolutionized the SBA funding process to provide simplified approval (over 90%+ of small business owners get approved), reduced paperwork, and expedited SBA funding—with the inclusion of an immediate capital injection within 24 hours.

You can use this immediate funding to tide your business over until you receive your expedited SBA funds, in as little as 45 days. Once you receive your SBA loan, you can use it to pay off whatever funds you haven’t used from your fast small business loan, lowering your cost of capital long-term.

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