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Tax Liens and Legal Services

Safeguard Your Business & Personal Life
With the Best Legal & Tax Protection
On-Call Law Firm Licensed to Protect Businesses in Your State
Personalized Tax Guidance to Avoid Collection Procedures

Tax Liens & Legal Services Tools, Education & Advice

Customized Plans Including Judgement Assessment

Choose from a variety of legal and tax protection plans to build a package that best protects your business and personal life for one low monthly rate.

Comprehensive & Personalized Coverage

Choose personal, family, small business, commercial driver, identity theft or another package tailored to protect you. Receive personalized guidance from a dedicated legal or tax expert to help you navigate any issue, including business and personal judgements against you.

Keep Business On Track

Achieve the peace of mind you need by knowing that your business will be protected, regardless of the potential troubles that may await down the line.

Benefits of Legal & Tax Lien Services

  • Personalized Service

    On-call lawyers and advisors ensure that all of your business’s tax and legal needs are being met. Your representative is fully prepared to help you navigate any issue you face in your business or personal life, without the inconvenience of dealing with multiple people.
  • Tax Plans

    Get your business back on track with guidance from a tax expert

    • Tax Judgement Elimination
    • Tax Lien Removal
    • IRS Compliance
    • Avoid pending collection actions
    • Settle outstanding taxes
    • Assistance preparing documents

  • Legal Plans

    Build a legal protection plan tailored for your business:

    • Judgement Mitigation
    • Personal & Family Plans
    • Small Business Plans
    • Commercial Driver Plans
    • Identity Theft Coverage
    • General Legal Consultation

How Our Legal And Tax Protection Plans Work

1. Contact an Expert Advisor

Fill out our 10-second application below, or give our Expert Advisors a call at

800-960-9363, available 24/7.

2. Free Consultation

Your Expert Advisor will help you build a legal and/or tax protection plan tailored to meet the needs of your business or personal life.

3. Protect Your Business

Enjoy around-the-clock guidance from seasoned professionals to steer your business in the right direction, no matter the issue!

Why Choose National’s Tax & Legal Protection Services?

We Get You the Protection Your Business Needs

We’re committed to understanding the challenges you’re facing in your business or personal life, and helping you build a protection plan around these obstacles. We never tack on unnecessary plans or charges, and we’re always here to restructure your plan as things change on your end!

We’ll Help Your Business Get Back on Track

We’ll help you take every step necessary to mitigate tax consequences and find the protection your business needs!

We Deliver Personalized Service 24/7

When you work with National, you’re never far from the help or advice that you need! Our Expert Advisors and legal/tax professionals are always available to help you push your business to the next level with tailored advice.