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24/7 Answering

Never miss another opportunity by using our answering services beyond regular office hours, and start improving customer relationships with world-class customer service. Specify the times you use our answering services,or make it 24/7—the choice is yours!

In-House Processing

Kick back and relax after work—we’ll screen and filter your calls, provide appointment scheduling services, quickly dispatch emergency calls, and more!

Customized Protocol

We comply with your protocols to make sure that calls get channeled to the person on call, or a predetermined individual at your office. We can also do basic preliminary screening of caller’s issues or questions, and ensure that calls get dispatched efficiently.

Top 3 Benefits of Phone Answering Services

  • No Language Barriers

    All our calls are answered and handled domestically, so your customers won’t have to deal with communication issues or language barriers.
  • 365 Days of Service

    We have managers available around-the-clock, 365 days-a-year, who can quickly modify your services so your business can always maintain a high level of professionalism and never miss any calls or messages.
  • No Call Drops—Ever!

    To survive and thrive in today’s challenging economy requires a competitive edge —our Expert Advisors help you gain a competitive edge with exceptional customer service and unmatched responsiveness. We answer calls faster than industry averages and never put callers on hold to field other calls.

National Has Helped People Across the Country Field More Calls and Improve Customer RelationshipsServiced Map

How Our Answering Services Process Works

1. Contact an Expert Advisor

Give us a call at 800-960-9363, or apply online by filling out our 10-second application, and an Expert Advisor will call you in minutes.

2. Schedule an Appointment

We work with you to create a custom solution that helps you connect and communicate with your callers in the most professional and cost-effective way.

3. Take Your Business to the Next Level!

Our team is a part of your team. We always make sure to represent your business with world-class customer service, and expert-level care—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why Choose National for Answering Services?

We Make Fast Changes To Meet Your Needs

We can quickly make real-time changes to your answering services or protocol for a holiday weekend or another change in your office. We have managers available around-the-clock, 365-days-a-year who can quickly modify your services so your office can always maintain your high level of professionalism and not miss any calls or messages.

We Guarantee the Best Rates

Our unique “Best Rate Guarantee” assures that you always get the best possible rate for our answering services. The concept is simple — we monitor your usage each month and place you at the most cost effective pricing package based on your usage for that time period. Each month you get billed at the base rate that represents the best value for you. This service is provided at no additional cost every month, for each of our clients.

We Keep the Human Element Alive

In today’s business environment, everything is becoming automated, but that doesn’t mean that you should bombard your customers with automated answering machines. You can set your business apart and make a great first impression simply by having a warm and welcoming voice represent your business over the phone!

At National Business Services, fast, friendly and focused is exactly what you get from our highly-trained, highly competent telephone answering service operators. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure consistency, reliability and security, but when it comes to the human element – well, we’re a bit old-school and proud of it.

Our operators are based in the USA. When your customers call, you can be sure they won’t deal with inconsistent service, language issues or hear dogs barking in the background, ensuring our answering services become a seamless extension of your business.