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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Market Your Business to Global & Local Markets
Utilize PPC advertising strategies that maximize ROI
and market your business on a local and global scale.

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Customized Profile Setup

Let a PPC expert advisor set up your pay-per-click account quickly and easily. Consult with your advisor to implement conversion codes that best suit your business needs.

Engage Target Audience

Campaign Optimization

Work with your pay-per-click advisor with help setting your monthly ad budget, which keywords and phrases to use, analyzing competitor strategies, creating A/B testing ads, tracking conversions, and tweaking your campaign to achieve your PPC goals.

Customize Digital Marketing Program

Google Analytics Reporting & Consultation

Our PPC advisors will help you set your business up with Google Analytics for fast and accurate reporting for all of your campaigns. Take advantage of bi-weekly, reporting, and stay in contact with live 24/7 support.

Benefits of PPC Advertising

Increase Traffic

Compete Across Global Markets

Utilize PPC campaigns tailored to help you stand out from your competitors on both local and global scales by having your business stand up against national and global leaders in your industry.

Brand Recognition

Maximize Your ROI

Any business needs to consider their return on investment when paying for advertising. Our customized PPC campaigns are carefully planned and executed to ensure that you maximize your ROI, and achieve your pay-per-click goals for your business.

Boost Revenue

Increase Web Visibility & Engagement

Advertising across search engines is one of the quickest, easiest and most effective ways of driving traffic to your business’s website. Boosted engagement=boosted sales, and increased awareness of your business on a nationwide and global scale (depending on your specific goals).

Why Choose National for PPC Marketing Services?

Marketing Advisor

We Place a Strong Focus On SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Without a strong focus on SEO, PPC campaigns are worthless. You won’t rank above or alongside your strongest competitors, and reduced consumer engagement will result in a minimal ROI. That’s why our team of SEO experts work hard to do all the keyword/keyphrase research for you in order to maximize the visibility and engagement of your advertisements.

Quality Traffic

We Make Finding Your Target Audience Simple.

Your PPC advisor will work closely with you to structure the most effective pay-per-click package possible for your business. We can do all the research involved in analyzing the market for you, and the various associated factors that make the investments in your advertisements a success.

See Results

Never Launched a PPC Campaign Before? We Got Your Back.

With over 10+ years of creating effective and creative pay-per-click campaigns, we can help you set up your PPC account in a pinch, along with 24/7 conversion code consultation for platforms across Google Ads, Youtube and Facebook.