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Credit Card Processing

A Full Suite of Terminals, Card Readers, POS Systems & More
Increase Sales, Boost Credibility & Improve Productivity
With Lightning-Fast & User-Friendly Technology

Start Processing Credit & Lowering Costs Today!

Credit Processing Tools, Education & Advice

Trouble Free Payments

All credit processing and settlements are handled under one roof, so you never have to worry about where your money is at any given time.

Faster Deposits

Credit deposits will be available within 24 hours, sent automatically via cutting-edge technology to the bank account of your choosing.

Monthly Statements

No more overly-complicated processing statements. Receive simplified statements each month with full transparency.

Top 3 Benefits of Credit Card Processing

  • Sell 20%+ More

    Credit card processing opens your business to an enormous customer base. The more customers you have, the more sales you make – according to industry research, by an average of at least 20%.
  • Save 2+ Hours Per Day

    Faster Transactions=Faster Service. Free up your operations to take on more customers, and focus on growing your business.
  • Build Business Credibility

    There’s a reason why over 75% of businesses already do credit processing. Credit acceptance offers much-appreciated speed and convenience to current and potential customers.

National Has Helped People Across the Country Upgrade Their Credit Processing TechnologyServiced Map

How to Find the Perfect Credit Processor for You

1. Contact an Expert Advisor

Fill out our 10-second application online, or give our Expert Advisors a call at 800-960-9363, available 24/7.

2. Consult with a Processing Specialist

Send us a copy of your processing statement to be analyzed by a processing specialist, who will determine if you are being charged fairly for rates and fees. Review your analysis line by line with your credit processing specialist to ensure you’re receiving the best possible pricing for your business.

3. Receive Credit Processing Equipment in 48 Hours

With our expedited on-boarding services, and an average savings of 15%, your equipment can be shipped out the same day you get approved!

Why Choose National for Credit Card Processing?

We’re In This Together!

Exceptional customer service is National’s hallmark. Whether you’re new to credit processing, or want to switch providers, you will receive 24/7 live assistance from a team of Expert Advisors ready to help—whenever you need it.

We Protect You from Excessive Rates & Fees

The credit processing industry has limited regulation, making it easier for your business to fall into the wrong hands. Your Expert Advisor will use their years of expertise in credit processing to ensure that you acquire processing services with only the most agreeable terms for your business.

We Save You Time, Energy & Resources

With hundreds of processors to choose from, the research and decision-making process can be both time-consuming and overwhelming. Let your Expert Advisor do all the work finding the perfect processor for you, so you can spend less time on the phone and doing paperwork, and spend more time growing your business!