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Consumer Financing

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Financial Difficulties


The Consumer Financing Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

  • 33% of customers

    33% of customers

    claim retail credit is their preferred payment method

  • 68% of customers

    68% of customers

    purchase less or abandon the purchase when rejected

  • 93% of customers

    93% of first time

    consumer financing customers would do it again

National’s Consumer Financing platform helps your business earn the highest revenue possible! As the leading consumer financing product offered by a business lender, this unique program gives you an exclusive opportunity to capitalize on every customer—regardless of their financials!

Start using National’s premier consumer financing platform today!

Open New Doors for Your Customers

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    Simplified Integration & Process

    Simplified turnkey integration allows you to start using the platform right away and offer customers the best financing options with a quick and easy process.

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    Solutions for Every Customer

    Why lose customers because of a low credit score? With National’s Consumer Financing platform, you can offer POS lending solutions to all customers—regardless of credit history.

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    No Industry Restrictions

    Get your customers financing regardless of your industry! Whether you own a retail store, event space or auto body shop, National can help.

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Top 3 Benefits of Consumer Financing Services

  • Boost Sales

    Give your customers the purchasing power they need, & your business the sales boost you’ve been waiting for!

  • Pay Only As You Go

    Don’t pay when you shouldn’t have to. You’ll only be charged when a customer completes a transaction using National’s Consumer Financing platform.

  • Seamless Transactions

    Keep the sale momentum moving! National’s easy-to-use consumer financing platform provides a seamless checkout process with a few quick steps.

How Our Process Works

  • Months in Business

    Contact an Expert Advisor

    Fill out the form above or give us a call at 888-488-GROW, and an expert advisor will contact you in minutes.

  • Months in Business

    Integrate the Platform

    Integrate National’s consumer financing platform into your POS. The set-up is quick and easy, and our support team is here to help you along the way!

  • No Minimum Credit Score Required

    Start Driving Sales

    Sit back and watch your numbers climb! National’s consumer financing platform gives you the financial tools you need to capitalize on every customer that walks through your door.

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Why Choose National for Consumer Financing?

Solutions for Every Industry & Customer

Through relationships with multiple lenders, National can offer unique solutions for both your business and your customers—regardless of industry or credit profile.

Around-the-Clock Support

Need help? Our support team is always available to offer assistance to your business or customers.

Stop Losing Customers

Why watch a customer walk out the door unsatisfied when you have the potential to earn revenue? National’s consumer financing platform ensures you take full advantage of every opportunity.