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Protect Your Business & Reduce Risk with A++ Business Insurance
Cover General Liability, Property Damage, Lost Revenue & More
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Business Insurance Tools, Education & Advice

A++ Business Insurance

We partnered with Sure – one of the nation’s leading business insurance companies – to provide Chub Small Commercial Insurance, which offers superior underwriting expertise, world-renowned claims, account services, and financial strength.

Education: Your All-In-One Policy

Cover all your critical insurance needs in one place, from general liability, to damage to personal and business property, to lost business income, and more—so you can run your business with peace of mind.

Advice: World Class Customer Support

You will be connected to both an Expert Advisor, as well as the customer support staff at Sure to ensure you’re in safe hands throughout the process, and all your needs and questions are addressed from start to finish.

Top 3 Benefits of Business Insurance

  • Cover Liability Issues

    Protect your business from legal and litigation issues tied to 3rd party claims that stem from your business operations, including bodily injury, and associated medical costs.
  • Protect Your Business & Personal Property

    Secure the safety of your business and personal assets including computers, furniture, machinery, and equipment.
  • Lost Income Reimbursements

    Get paid for all lost income, in the event that your business must close due to covered losses.

National Has Helped People Across the Country Protect Their BusinessesServiced Map

How Our Business Insurance Process Works

1. Contact Us

Either by phone at 800-960-9363, or by filling out our 10-second application online. Once contacted, we will immediately start getting all the paperwork and information together that you need to move forward.

2. Connect with Chubb™ Insurance (Powered by Sure)

We will work with Chubb – the world’s largest publicly-traded P&C insurance company in the U.S., powered by Sure™ – to find the best insurance policy for you and your business.

3. Start Protecting Your Business

Chubb Small Commercial Insurance leverages superior underwriting expertise with the world renowned claims, account services, and financial strength that you expect from Chubb.

Why Choose National For Business Insurance?

We’re In This Together!

Every business tells a different story—and that’s exactly how we treat each individual client. The first stage of the business insurance process is to listen to your story, and get to know more about you and your specific business insurance needs.

Our Expert Advisors will then work closely with you to identify exactly what you and your business needs from your new insurance policy, and how you’re planning to use it. Once this is over, we will stick by your side 24/7 throughout the process to ensure you’re never without a means of guidance and assistance, and that you’re always updated on your business insurance process.

We Reduce Time, Stress & Paperwork

Between preparing all the information and documents necessary, to cutting the time to obtain your insurance policy to hours, and negotiating with Sure with industry-leading skills and expertise, our Expert Advisors at National ensure the whole process is optimized for speed, simplicity and convenience throughout.

We Fight to Protect Your Business

Whether you’ve been in business for years, or your just starting out, having an airtight plan as to how you can ensure the safety and protection of your business is vital. Your Expert Advisor, together with the customer service staff at Sure will work together to secure the best deal for you and your business needs, every step of the way.