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2020 Scholarship Essay Contest

Could $1,000 help you cover the cost of tuition? National wants to help you!

National Business Capital & Services is offering a $1,000 scholarship to the winner of our annual scholarship contest. If you’re enrolled or going to be enrolled in the Fall 2020 school year at an accredited institution, you can choose to either film a video of yourself or write an essay answering one of this year’s prompts and enter for the chance to win! The scholarship committee at National Business Capital & Services will review all videos and essays. We look forward to your submissions!

In order to apply, you:

How to Apply

How You Will Be Judged

2020 Submission Prompts – Please Answer One of the Following

Whether you’re responding with a video or written essay, choose one of the following questions to respond to:

Option 1: What does it mean in business to be a leader, and not a boss?

Option 2: Explain why it’s important to support local businesses owners and how they positively impact the country.

Option 3: At National Business Capital & Services, our theme this year is “Execute Now”. It’s something we as a team live by each and every day. Describe a unique opportunity that you’ve experienced throughout your college career where you had to “Execute Now” in order to not miss out.

Option 4: How do you feel social media influences small business?

Video Guidelines:

If you choose to submit a video response instead of a written essay, the video must be:

If you have any questions, please contact us at scholarships@national.biz and we will be happy to help. Good luck!

Meet The 2019 Scholarship Winner, Raj!

National Business Capital & Services is thrilled to congratulate Raj. S from Binghamton University on winning our Annual Scholarship Contest!

The decision did not come easily. We received hundreds of essay submissions answering questions about entrepreneurship, technology and social media in business, and personal engagement. Each one was better than the last!

We would like to thank Raj for sharing his family’s inspiring story of entrepreneurial success– building a diamond business in Mumbai, India that expanded to eventually reach New York City!

At National, we invest in the future of entrepreneurial success every day, and we’re honored to help a growing entrepreneur like Raj achieve his dreams. We’re confident that this entrepreneurial spirit will empower him to do great things as he climbs along the ladder of success!

Meet The 2018 Scholarship Winner, Kristína!

Kristína was one of thousands of university students who answered the essay prompt, “Who Is An Entrepreneur Or Business Owner That You Admire Or Look Up To, And Why?” The heart in her essay stood out to NBC as Kristína explained how her parents’ dedication to successfully running their own business–and overcoming many obstacles along the way in order to do so–inspired a passion for business in herself from an early age. Kristína gave us genuinely unique and creative insight into what it means to be an indomitable entrepreneur, and we’re so happy to be able to give back by helping her with tution as she continues studying Accounting at the University of Houston.

When Kristína won the scholarship she said, “Big thank you to the National Business Capital. I am honored to be the winner and receive this scholarship. It moved me closer to making my dreams come true.” Kristína, we are so happy to be part of helping you make your dreams come true and wish you a lifetime of success!

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