SBA Loans for Women: A Guide to Getting Approved

Last Updated on March 12, 2018

In today’s economy, women business owners are essential to creating jobs, running companies, and generating huge amounts of domestic revenue. And the truth is, women are continuing to become more influential and gaining upper management positions at a rate like never before. Nonetheless, it’s still more difficult for women to land business funding than men. So how can women secure vital financing options for their small businesses? The good news is, finding lucrative loans for women isn’t impossible. Indeed, here a few steps you can take to gain access to SBA loans for women –– so that you can bolster your company in a big way:

sba loans for women guide to getting approved

Understanding SBA Loans

SBA loans are some of the best funding options available to small business owners. That’s because they offer low-interest rates with long-term payment options. However, in addition to being valuable, they’re also difficult to come by. Banks and other lenders will often reserve SBA loans for clients with high credit scores. (Note that when you apply for an SBA loan, you do so with a private lender –– not the Small Business Administration itself.) However, even if you don’t have perfect credit, there are still ways you can position yourself to gain this vital financing source.

Improve Your Credit

It may take some time, but one of the best (and most direct) ways to improve your chances of securing an SBA loan is to improve your credit. Indeed, the longer you’ve been in business and the more you can demonstrate your company’s stability, the better chance you’ll have. This is why it’s vital to pay back all debts on time (both personal and professional!) Establishing yourself in your market can also help alleviate a credit problem. So you may want to explore alternative loan options for women first if your credit is less than stellar. More important than having spotless credit though, is proving your trustworthiness to your lender.

Create a Comprehensive Loan Package

In addition to working to improve your credit score, putting together a dynamic loan package can greatly increase your likelihood of landing an SBA loan. The key to creating one? Include everything even remotely pertinent to your personal and professional finances. Leave no stone unturned and present a clear, open front to your lender. The more you attempt to hide, the worse your application is likely to go.

Think Big Picture

SBA loans are tougher to come by than the average loan, but the benefits they offer are massive to companies that secure them. As such, applying for an SBA loan shouldn’t be a last-minute gamble or something undertaken lightly. Rather, it should be part of a larger plan of sustained growth for your company. In addition to your loan package, you may also want to include a detailed business plan, realistic financial projections, and a competitor analysis to showcase your place within the market when you apply. The more work and preparation you put into your business and your loan application, the more effectively you can use an SBA loan once you qualify.

Learn More

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loans for women

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