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Success Stories

  • Accelerating Growth in Phoenix Metro Area

    Orange Theory Success Story
    I’ve worked with other lenders prior to National Business Capital & Services. The financing advisors at National made the funding process the easiest and fastest I’ve ever experienced, and helped accelerate the growth of my business in the Phoenix-Metro area with absolutely no hassle, and very little paperwork. Since getting help from National, I was able to open multiple locations, and my business has grown and expanded exponentially. Thank you National!
  • National Takes Ryan's Business Tax to the Max!

    I met Josh Gold of National Business Capital & Services over the phone on June 13th 2018. Only a few weeks ago. I only called because I received some correspondence in the mail about a potential business loan for my company. I wasn’t going to call, because I tried to get a business loan previously a few months earlier with my personal bank and with another company and it didn’t go so well, however, I decided to call the day before the offer expired and I’m so glad I did. The receptionist transferred me to Josh Gold and right away I knew this was going to be a good business transaction even if it didn’t go the way I was hoping it to go, because the first thing Josh told me after I explained my situation to him, was that he was a straight shooter and he was going to be upfront & tell it to me like it is. I really liked that about him because I’m the same exact way. With that being said the rest is history. Josh was extremely professional, attentive, and always did exactly what he said he would do. The line of communication was very open and it was always easy for me to get a hold of him even though I know he’s a busy man and I’m not his only client, however, he made me feel as if I was his only client. He stuck his neck out for me and got the deal done and for that I’m eternally grateful. This small step that Josh did for me is a big deal and big step for rebuilding my Empire. Thank you so much Josh, eternally grateful for what you have done for me, my family, and my company. Hopefully I can return the favor to you one day and I will be paying it forward as well. Needless to say not only have I gained a partner in business, I feel more importantly I gained a true friend in life with Josh. Can’t wait til we reconvene again for our next deal.

    President & CEO of Business Tax Services

  • Tonya Empowers Her Contracting Business with a Stronger Future

    I’ve struggled getting banks to take my business seriously from the start. Then I found National Business Capital & Services’ Empowerment Loan program for women, and signed up right away. Applying took me less than a minute, and I was surprised to find out how many awesome funding options I actually qualified for. Thomas guided me through the process with speed, efficiency and kindness from start to finish, and helped me get the working capital I needed to upgrade equipment, and take on more jobs. Empowering women entrepreneurs makes a huge difference in many ways—thanks for making it happen, National!

    General Contractor

  • Mark Helps Sharma Live Her American Dream

    I want everyone at National Business Capital & Services to know how very much I appreciate the opportunity to build a relationship with your company. Mark went out of his way to be helpful and understanding of my situation. He was forthcoming with his expectations of the processing of a loan for me and I really appreciate his honesty and also his willingness to try to help me. This loan will help me get caught up because of unforeseen issues and I am more than happy to be a new customer! Trying to live the American dream is not as easy as we would like for it be and sometimes we just need a little help from our friends. So to my new friends… a BIG THANK YOU!!!

    Restaurant Owner

  • Dr. Ripa Has Nothing But Smiles For Josh G.

    It was great working with Josh G. He was very comprehensive, there wasn’t a minute where I was confused. Josh explained the process to me step by step and held constant communication. If he missed my call, he’d call me back and let me know what to expect next. There was a lot of paperwork but he was happy to guide me through it. There were other companies I considered but the term lengths didn’t work for the companies needs. The loan I received from National Business Capital & Services made me feel comfortable knowing I had enough time to pay it off and provided me with the funds to upgrade my equipment which we are so excited for.
  • National Serves Up Financing In Days For Terri's Cafe

    We had the best experience with National Business Capital & Services. They worked around my busy schedule and had our loan approved within days. Funding was almost immediate! Certainly a pleasure to do business with!

    Cafe Owner

  • National's Financing Allowed Tracy To Offer More Than Just Medical Massages!

    Being a woman in business is one of the most rewarding things of my career. I never thought I'd have my own practice when I started, however, 16 years later, I'm still going strong. I'd like to encourage all women who are thinking about going into business for themselves. If I had one thing to say to encourage women to do this, it'd be, DO IT!!! Since opening my practice, I've also started a retail business with a massage therapy tool I created. I needed more capital to get it off the ground. That's when I got in touch with NATIONAL BUSINESS CAPITAL & SERVICES! They were AMAZING. Our relationship manager has really helped us in such an unexpected way. We are so grateful to them for helping us get our feet on the ground with our new project. Just another reason why being a woman in business is so rewarding. Work hard... Play hard... Reap the benefits! Tracy Halmos, MPT, ATC, CSCS


  • National And Henrietta Work Together To Give Her Salon A Fresh Look

    I must say special thanks to my loan consultant who is a real team leader! He was phenomenal. He answered all my questions in a timely manner and updated me along the way. He gets the work done! Most of all my company will accomplish great things. This loan has allowed me to stock my store to its fullest capacity. National Business Capital & Services helped me meet my consumers’ need and succeed with my business plan. I’m looking forward to doing business with you again in the near future. Thanks again.

    Hair Salon

  • National Lifts Spirits At Spiro's Auto Business Expansion

    I have known Matt for almost 6 months as I have done business with National Business Capital & Services more than once. I can confirm that he is a man of a great integrity, extremely dedicated to his line of work and extremely dedicated to the people that he helps. Matt goes above and beyond to help businesses like my automotive shop. About few months ago I was trying to expand my business by adding two extra 4 post lifts at my shop. I had the money put away for that particular expense, but come to find out that the city where I live will not allow any digging without an environmental test for soil contamination. The environmental test was not cheap. I was only prepared for the labor and the cost of my two lifts, so pretty much my whole expansion of the business came to a complete halt I needed money and I needed it fast. I tried so many places to get a loan but it was almost near impossible due to the insane rates and payback amounts. I was devastated to say the least until someone recommended me to Matt. I explained my situation to him and I told him that I needed the money as fast as possible. It took me a couple hours to put everything together and send the paperwork to Matt. During the approval process Matt kept me fully informed in regards to the time frame of when I should receive the funds. I got the money in my account in a few days. It was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, Thank you Matt – you’re a life saver.

    Automotive Service & Repair

  • National Cooks Up Fast Financing For Fred's Restaurant

    Thank you to National Business Capital & Services and my loan consultant. You guys helped me obtain the loan that we needed to improve our business! You were awesome to work with, efficient and fast.

    Restaurant Owner

  • National Sweetens Sharon's Yogurt Business With Quick Financing

    National Business Capital & Services advised that Sharon secure two different types of financing: invoice factoring to cover the labor and ingredient costs needed to produce her yogurt, and accounts receivable financing to bridge the distributor’s slow payment. “Their financing advisors were extremely courteous and professional, and paid close attention to what I believed was best for my business—I’ve never experienced this level of care anywhere else. They were right there with me every step of the way, and even checked in to see how I was doing in between!” “They were able to get me access to the perfect funding I needed in under 24 hours. I’m still in disbelief as to how simple and fast they made the whole process. They even prepared all my paperwork for me, which saved me so much time and energy (thank God). I was able to purchase all the inventory I needed, and even hired staff within 48 hours,” says Sharon. “I’m still amazed at what they can do.” Sharon was not only able to get her yogurt shipment out on time, but has since utilized other financing options from National to grow, and increase her profits tenfold!  


  • National Guides Dianne Through the Application Process Step by Step

    I received correspondence from National Business Capital & Services (I can’t remember whether it was an email or a direct mail piece) at the beginning of the year and called to see if it was a joke – spoke with Josh and the process began and I received my first loan in February. At first I thought it was going to be very hard to get approved for a loan. Although 2014 has been a much better year, my business was just recovering after 2 very hard years. The numbers on my tax return from 2012 were dreadful and because my 2013 taxes were not even filed yet, other companies could not get me approved. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the process was with Josh guiding me (and hand holding through emails and phone calls most of the time). There was never an unanswered email. Josh would very calmly explain how the process worked and at all times kept me informed of the timeline as each part of the process was completed. The paperwork I had to submit was very minimal – fill out an application and send in bank statements and tax returns – that was it. The loans enabled me to do a little more marketing and purchase some inventory that was needed for my promotional products company. I have already paid off the first small loan and am working on paying off the second loan now. I am very grateful to Josh and National Business Capital & Services – they worked very hard to get me these loans and I am SO appreciative! It is a success for both of us! I will return to Josh and National for any future loans.


  • National Aligns Financing for Dr. Nancy's Chiropractic Practice

    Just a short note to thank you for arranging financing to meet our needs. We especially like the ease of the application, the short time that it took to make all of the arrangements and of course seeing the funds come into our account! Thanks again to Matt and National Business Capital & Services!


  • Nick Helps Mark & Margaret Welcome New Funding

    Our business has been funded and I just wanted to thank you and your co-workers for the help and support you gave us thru the process. Nick was a pleasure to work with, he did a great job and if he did not know the answer he always found out and got right back to me. Thank you, I am sure we will be doing business again and I would request Nick to work with the next go around.

    Catering and Hospitality

  • Matt Heats Up Financing for Lisa's Cooling & Heating Business

    My husband and I own a Cooling & Heating business. We found ourselves needing capital to purchase equipment in advance for a huge residential subdivision project that we had coming up. I contacted National Business Capital & Services. I was very fortunate to have been introduced to Matt who became an advocate for me in helping me to find the funding that I needed at a price that I could afford without stressing our incoming funds. Matt was very proficient and quick to join me with a company that was more than happy to help me. Matt was with me every step of the way and made sure that all the “I’s” were dotted and the “T’s” were crossed. We received our funding in less than 48 hours with minimal paperwork or headache. I would recommend any business that needs funding to contact National Business Capital & Services. They are very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient! They understand all kinds of businesses and that’s what makes it so easy for them to understand your needs. We are grateful for the help the provided us with. Our company is thriving because of them!!!!”

    Cooling & Heating

  • Mark Transports Funds to Julie's Freight Company

    I recommend this company 100%. My Business Consultant, Mark was great. He made applying and processing extremely easy and smooth. This business capital is allowing me to expand my business so we can grow. I own a Freight Broker Business and we are expanding to become a Carrier and buying trailers so that we can hire owner operators. We are also looking to buy our own truck with the money from our business capital loan it is also helping to improve our Business credit record. If there were more stars they would be rated even higher!

    Freight Transportation

  • Dr. Charles Gives National Two Thumbs Up For Funding His Dental Practice

    I would recommend National Business Capital & Services to any business without reservation, due to their prompt professional service.

    Dental Practice

  • National Secures the Lowest Loan Rate for Main Standard Bio Fuels

    It has been a pleasure working with National Business Capital & Services. I want to thank you for all of your efforts in getting me the $100,000 loan at the lower rate. You saved me thousands compared to what other companies were offering, which will make the payback much easier and allow my company to grow. I will definitely call you if I need additional loans in the future. Thanks again!


  • National Gives Tom A Positive Perception on Capital Finance Companies

    Recently we discovered National Business Capital & Services. We were reluctant to speak with anyone since we had a negative perception of capital finance companies based on past telemarketer type calls that would come into our office. National Business Capital & Services seemed different so we gave them a chance. They were helpful and explained the process thoroughly. My loan consultant worked quickly to secure financing for us at a competitive rate. We were happy with how the process worked and now we have a little breathing room with our receivables. Thanks again.

    Marketing Company

  • National Delivers Financing for Michael's Transportation Company

    I was looking for some working capital to help in expanding my business in regards to buying & upgrading equipment. Josh was awesome – he was straightforward & responded to any and all of my emails & phone calls promptly. The entire process was less than a week & you required very little paperwork. I would highly recommend Josh and National Business Capital & Services to others that are looking to grow & expand their business.


  • Melvin Gets Comfortable with Operating Capital

    Two Thumbs Up for Josh Gold and National Business Capital & Services !!!! When we were looking for the operating capital we needed Josh was there for us. Professional, courteous, and patient. He answered all our questions. Most important, he got the job done!!! We will recommend Josh and National to others! Thanks Josh and National.


  • National Helps Local Security Business Grow!

    I am extremely pleased with Josh from National Business Capital & Services. Our company recently took on a major account which required us to raise capital immediately to fund the positions. I spoke with several lenders and banks who gave me options that would take weeks to fund. They also had very high fees. Luckily, I was introduced to Josh who not only got us funded within a few days, but he did all of the work. It was a completely seamless process for us and the best part is, National Business Capital & Services was the most economical choice of all of the lenders or banks. I can’t thank Josh and National enough for their services! I will continue to recommend National Business Capital & Services.

    Security Business Owner

  • National Helps Construction Company Expand!

    Mr. Josh Gold, I want to take a minute to commend your professionalism and success. I have worked unsuccessfully with a number of companies in an effort to find short-term financing, but from my first conversation with you, I felt comfortable and at ease talking with you and sharing my business details. Unlike other companies, you provided clear and concise expectations and you worked hard to help put forward a positive picture in order to obtain the best possible outcome. The successful outcome was an additional benefit to working with you. I thank you and hope to continue our relationship.

  • National Helps Retail Establishment Grow!

    Wow!!! What a wonderful experience we had working with Josh Gold. I never knew getting financing can be that easy and so quick. Everything was done through email and boom in a day I had funds in my account. I would recommend everyone who needs small capital to reach out to Josh at National Business Capital & Services. Thanks, Josh, you are wonderful. :)
  • National Jazzes Up Leslie’s Music Shop with a Hybridge SBA Loan

    National Business Capital & Services got me the SBA funding I needed when no one else could. I’d like to personally thank the Business Financing Advisors for sticking by me throughout the entire process, and going above and beyond to make sure everything went as quickly and easily as possible. They even helped me get approved when I didn’t qualify anywhere else. With the immediate funding included, I was able to pay off my tax lien to get qualified. The extra capital was so helpful to have around while I waited for the Hybridge SBA to finish processing. I got my SBA funds in about 45 days, which was faster than I could've ever hoped for. I used my Hybridge SBA Loan to hire staff, boost my inventory, and triple the size of my music shop—without having to wait at all. I could tell that they really wanted what was best for me and my business, which is a very rare find in this day and age. Thank you, National!
  • "National provided me with the STRATEGY to use my financing to grow smarter."

    Emblem Athletic Success Story
    I’ll be honest, I had other offers from business lenders when I was talking to National Business Capital & Services but once I spoke to Josh and learned more about National, it was a no brainer. National didn’t only provide me financing to grow my business but they provided me with the STRATEGY to use my financing to grow smarter. Thank you, Josh and Kevin, for working with me to find something that worked best for me and best for my business.


  • "I wish I could have found them sooner!"

    I received some information about National Business Capital & Services’ programs in the mail a few years back, and the rest is history. I think some people get up in the morning, go to work, and give you 90%. As a business owner, I have employees that go above and beyond, but Matt Auletta, my Business Financing Advisor at National, gives you 150%! He cares about my business, returns my phone calls, and answers all of the questions that I have. He’s a true testament to the personal service that National is all about! I wish I could have found them sooner. When signing the contracts, I had some issues because I'm not the most tech-savvy, but Matt was there for me! He hopped on a call with me while I was in the car, and he never gave up on me while I signed the digital contracts. Working with Matt and the team at National has been excellent, and I'm looking forward to continuing our relationship as my business grows.

    Salon Business Owner

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