Restaurant Equipment Financing

Today’s restaurateurs need to upgrade their kitchen equipment regularly to keep up with industry and consumer trends. This was not always the case. In previous generations, eating meals that had not been prepared in their households was a rare occurrence.

Increasing Need for Additional Restaurant Equipment Financing

This interest influences consumers’ dining choices and restaurant kitchens are evolving to meet this new demand. While diners may focus on a restaurant’s menu, those who run the kitchens seek to incorporate restaurant equipment that may not have been commonplace even 10 years ago. These upgrades include sous vide cookers, blast chillers, and air purification systems for refrigeration that keeps foods fresh longer. Expanding menus mean a greater need for financial liquidity to expand their kitchens as well. As a leading alternative financing company, National Business Capital can assist business owners in the food industry gain access to the restaurant equipment financing that their businesses and livelihoods require. Our Business Consultants understand the restaurant business and its financial needs. We provide expert financing advice and enable restaurateurs to determine exactly which funding options will best suit their current working capital requirements.

Types of Restaurant Equipment Loans

We can help those with franchises, family, casual and upscale restaurants to receive the additional financial liquidity that they require. Through our specialized restaurant Equipment Financing program, for example, borrowers may use their money to finance any equipment they wish from the vendor of their choosing. In addition to Equipment Financing, National Business Capital can explore other financing options with our clients including business line of credit, small business loans, accounts receivables financing, commercial mortgage financing, franchise funding, and purchase order financing. All of these can be used to fund your new equipment in different ways. Take a moment to browse through them or give us a call to find the best option that fits your specific business model.

The Food Industry is On the Rise

Dining out became commonplace about thirty years ago and the family- run storefront began to evolve into casual, mid-scale, and upscale eateries. Today a number of meals are either grab and go or from fast-food establishments. Upscale dining is no longer just to celebrate major family milestones, but in some households, a monthly or more common event. Due to the popularity of food and dining-oriented cable TV networks, food preparation and its professions, from line-cook up to chef, have achieved a level of status. Dining franchises, once the bastion of burger and pizza takeouts, have expanded to offer international cuisine. Even institutional food services strive to produce meals that are worthy of white tablecloth establishments.

How to Apply for Fast Equipment Funding

For business owners with questions about how to obtain restaurant equipment financing, please call us at (877) 842-3008, or apply online by filling out our simple 1-minute application here to receive funding in as little as 24 hours.

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