3 Fastest Restaurant Business Loans to Prepare for Summer

Summer is finally here, and food lovers everywhere are coming out of hiding. For the majority of restaurants in the US, this means a boost in sales by as much as 20% as winter comes to an end. To prepare for the busy months to come, most restaurant owners start looking for restaurant business loans to help with financing.


Top 3 Fastest Restaurant Business Loans

The faster you’re funded, the sooner you can start preparing for the summer–or at least what’s left of it. Remember–it’s never too late!

Here are the three of the fastest restaurant loans NBC has to offer.

  1. Restaurant Business Loans:
    Avg. Time to Funding: 24 Hours
    With flexible financing and 1-5 year term lengths, business term loans are excellent for covering virtually any restaurant business need, including hiring staff, purchasing materials, and increasing inventory. With fixed daily, weekly or monthly payments, easy qualifications, and minimal documents required, these restaurant business loans save owners time and money with simple repayment terms, and speedy access funds.
  2. Restaurant Equipment Loans:
    Avg. Time to Funding: 48 Hours
    When commercial kitchen equipment stops working, so do restaurants. Having the capital to lease or upgrade equipment ASAP is vital to keeping a restaurant business up and running. With restaurant business loans from NBC, you receive funds for equipment financing in as little as 24 hours, with the ability to write off all commercial kitchen equipment in a single year. Business owners are also securing NBC’s equipment loans to purchase furniture for extra seating arrangements, and take on larger volumes of customers.
  3. Merchant Cash Advance
    Avg. Time to Funding: 24 Hours
    Borrow against the sales of your customers. This is especially useful for restaurant business owners who would rather not repay capital borrowed out of pocket. Instead, restaurant owners sell a small percentage of the future sales of their customers, giving restaurant businesses the breathing room needed to make any number of improvements, including hiring extra staff, managing payroll, and bridging gaps in cash-flow. And with repayment terms that fluctuate the sales a business makes, with a merchant cash advance, the less sales your restaurant makes, the less you have to pay.

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What Do You Plan to Use a Restaurant Business Loan For?

If your answer involves using the extra capital for quick fixes and business improvements for your restaurant, including:

  • Hiring Staff to Help More Customers
  • Purchasing Furniture for Extra Seating
  • Increasing Inventory
  • Leasing or Upgrading Kitchen Equipment
  • Managing Payroll
  • Resolving Cash Flow Issues

Then the financing advisors at NBC suggest you secure one of these 3 restaurant business loans to gets you fast access to the capital exactly when you need it, so you can seize your opportunity for growth this season.

Is Your Restaurant Prepared for Summer?

Contact one of NBC’s expert financing advisors at (877) 482-3008, available 24/7 to listen to your story, and find you the perfect restaurant business loan to help your business make this season your busiest yet. Or, fill out NBC’s 1-minute, 1-page application online to get approved in as little as 24 hours.


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