Preparing Your Business for a Successful Holiday Season

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. It’s never too early to start getting ready for the holidays! The holiday season can make or break for some businesses so being prepared is a must. For others, it can just be a crazy, hectic time of year that makes taking care of business a little extra challenging. On that note, here are few ideas to help you smoothly move through the holiday rush.

  • Take a look back. Review past holiday seasons to help ensure you have enough stock and staff. Use employee feedback to help prepare schedules.
  • It’s the holiday season for your staff too. You need your staff to be happy and efficient workers during this time so consider what you can do to help. Maybe extended lunch hours so employees can get errands done while the stores are less crowded, especially if they will be working extended hours for your business. What are the family obligations of each employee? If possible, offer some flexibility to allow your employees to celebrate their traditions with their families. Say thank you for the extra hard work they put in.
  • Think local. Are there any local trends or campaigns your business can join? Most cities have large “Shop Local” campaigns that help draw customers into local shops. Give your customers what they want!
  • Market early! A good marketing campaign takes time to create and develop. Get the word out before customers are bombarded with holiday flyers. Marketing/printing vendors may even offer early bird discounts.
  • Speaking of marketing, use multiple channels. Tie mail and email campaigns in with Facebook , Google+, and Twitter campaigns. Get your customers excited and they will do some marketing for you!

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