Tips for Creating Online Video Advertisements for Your Business

It is more important today than ever before for businesses to stay ahead of their competition.  Since the invention of the DVR, potential customers fast forward through most television commercials so business owners needed a new way to get their advertisements in front of the right targeted audience.   This is one of the reasons why YouTube is currently the #3 ranked website in the world.  YouTube provides business owners a way to advertise in the form of videos, but details about how long your video should be or what software you should use to create your videos can become overwhelming for many business owners.  Below are tips that can make those decisions a bit easier.

Length of Your Video:

A business owner needs to know the perfect Length of Video to keep their target engaged.  YouTube suggests that your video be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long for best conversion rates.  If your video is too short, your potential client may leave feeling confused about your product or service due to lack of information.  On the other hand, too long of a video can lose your prospects interest and they may click on another video before yours ends.

Video Content:

Your Video Content is the single most important aspect of creating your video.  There are 100 million people that take a social action on YouTube (likes, shares, comments, etc.) every week!  Even more important, according to YouTube, millions of videos are favorited every week.  If your potential client favorites your video it’s like they are giving you a referral to all of their followers on YouTube.  The right content in front of the target audience that is searching for your content is key to a successful video marketing campaign.  You can choose your content from product descriptions from your website or you can outsource content creation from sites such as elance or fiverr.

Video Software

There are several Video Software applications that can be used to create your videos.  These are all paid services so plan accordingly before selecting your video creation platform.  Videomaker FX is a solid tool that comes with premade slides that you can tailor with your photos & copyright.  Both GoToMeeting and Camtasia allow you to record your screen and use your computers microphone while you present.  A method of creating free videos is to create a power point presentation, and then use Google Plus hangouts to present your slides.  Once you host a Google Plus hangout, Google will automatically add the hangout to your YouTube account.

Optimize Your Video for the best search results on the internet.

Ranking your video higher than your competition is extremely important.  Your first step should be to conduct some research on Google’s Keyword Planner or Google Adsense to see which keywords your competition uses and how many keyword searches are recorded per month from your potential customers.  After you have done your research and have uploaded your video to YouTube, make sure to go to the settings tab.  Here you will find a place to enter your videos title, description, and tags.  You want to make sure to include your keywords and phrases in all 3 of these categories.  This will help your video rank higher as it improves your SEO (search engine optimization). Online video advertisements are here to stay.  Websites like YouTube will be around for a long time and if used properly, they can be a solid lead source for any company.  The more you learn about video production and online distribution, the better chance you have of gaining a leg up on your competition.

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