Justin loves to cook, spend time with his dog, play sports and most importantly, eat.

Patricia enjoys hiking, singing, and participating in the Army National Guard. In her free time, she hangs out with her husband, two snakes and cat.

Kirsty enjoys hiking, playing video games, and going out with friends. She likes to travel around the New England area and check out historical sites on the weekend.

Travis enjoys fishing with my friends and family. On the weekends he likes to look at exotic cars.

In his spare time, you can find Robert working out at the gym or at home hanging out with his family.

When he’s not working, Robert likes exploring NYC, hitting the beach during the summer and attending dinner parties at friends houses with his girlfriend.

Nicholas loves to cook and spend time with my family. He also enjoys doing anything outside such as, walking, running, biking and fishing!

Kevin enjoys going white water rafting, water paddling, canoeing, and just about any other water activities.

Jonathan enjoys going out with friends and family to different restaurants for food and drinks!