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National's Team

Deirdre M.

Operations Assistant

Deirdre is an avid snowboarder who loves collecting stamps in her passport, tap dancing and spending time with other people’s dogs.

Eddie J.

Business Growth Advisor

Eddie is a semi-professional amateur athlete who loves the NY Islanders, Game of Thrones, coffee, and people telling him he vaguely resembles Colin Farrell. That’s not his dog.

Gelisa H.

Graphic Designer

Gelisa enjoys traveling, hanging out with family, and dancing.

William L.

Relationship Development Expert

In William’s free time he enjoys going to Kozy Korner diner with his family, watching sports & WWF with his brother Danny. He also enjoys Investing, Weight Training, and playing Basketball.

Amanda S.

Production Coordinator

Amanda loves spending time with her family and cooking for them. She also has a passion for photography and sports.

Alyssa K.

Production Coordinator

Alyssa loves spending time with family, friends, and her two dogs, Bear and Jax. Alyssa is excited to be preparing her new home for her expecting daughter coming in April 2018.

Greg A.

Sales Team Lead

Greg appreciates spending time with his family in his free time. He also has interests in trying new restaurants and playing darts.

Victoria E.

Operations Assistant

Victoria enjoys reading, drinking coffee and going to concerts. She loves a good pun and spending time with her dog Bella.

Stacey S.

Executive Assistant

In Stacey’s free time, she values cooking, reading, and staying active.

Ian B.

IT Intern

Ian likes to binge watch anime and anything studio ghibli, play video games and go surfing (through his Instagram feed). He also likes to dress to impress.

Spencer A.

Strategic Account Manager

In Spencer’s free time he likes to go to restaurants and eat good food but his favorite way to spend time is chilling with his dog.

Megan C.

Marketing Manager

Megan enjoys hanging out with family, going to the beach, volleyball and cooking.

Jacqueline J.

Production Coordinator

Jacqueline loves spending time with her family, friends and her two pups Shine and Shelby. She enjoys traveling to different places and taking spontaneous car rides.

Jose C.

Business Growth Advisor

Jose spends his spare time with his family and volunteering at an animal sanctuary, where he loves taking care of his favorite animals which are goats and sheep.

Shannon T.

Pipeline Manager

Shannon enjoys being at the beach, boating and hanging out with family.

Shannon P.

Production Coordinator

Loves coffee, cooking, outdoors and laughing with my kids!

Ryann M.

Production Coordinator

Ryann enjoys trying new restaurants, weekend getaways and going to local breweries.

Robert C.

Business Advisor

In Robert’s free time, he enjoys traveling, spending time with family, wrestling, and investing. Robert is also fond of a good TV series on Netflix.

Alex S.

Account Executive

Alex enjoys watching sports, but mostly mixed martial arts & football, and hanging out with the family.

Rob P.

IT Project Manager

Rob centers his interests around collecting and repairing 90s and early 00s technology.

Ricky P.

Business Advisor

During his spare time, Ricky enjoys travel, riding motorcycles and volunteering in local events. He also enjoys yard games, darts and paddle boarding. Family is still number one in his book.

Veronica T.

Production Coordinator

Veronica appreciates spending her free time with family and friends. She also loves baking goodies, cooking carbs, crafting, and interior decorating. Veronica also enjoys Broadway shows.

Philip L.

Sr. Business Advisor

In Philip’s free time he enjoys hiking, fishing, and hunting. Other interests of Philip include sports and movies.

Phil R.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Phil likes to spend his time wisely by practicing beatboxing, reading, playing poker with friends, watching Netflix and sports .

Phil F.

Sales Team Lead

Phil appreciates spending time with family, traveling, and golfing in his free time. Phil also has a passion for cars.

Paul O.

Sr. Business Advisor

Paul is fond of studying new archeological discoveries and new discoveries of space exploration. He takes pride in his of knowledge international soccer trivia and his mastery of Chess.

Patrick M.

Vice President of Sales

Patrick loves spending time with his family. He is also fond of football and steakhouses.

Ori B.

Business Advisor

Ori is a retired hockey player who enjoys golf and cooking in his free time. Above all, family is what he values the most.

Nick G.

Retention Account Executive

In Nick’s free time, he enjoys working on cars, watching sports and documentaries, exploring new restaurants in NYC, and spending time with family. Some of his interests include scenery and researching new business investments or opportunities.

Aubrey L.

Sales Assistant

Aubrey enjoys hiking with her dog Cooper, skiing and swimming.

Thomas R.

Sr. Business Advisor

Thomas enjoys fishing in his free time. His favorite two hobbies are poker and football.

Michael G.

Sr. Business Advisor

Micheal loves eating ice cream, chips, and candy while relaxing and watching movies. In his free time, he also enjoys playing sports, watching football, and playing with his puppy.

Matthew A.

Account Executive

In Matthew’s free time, he loves watching and keeping up with baseball, going to concerts, and attending sporting events.

Lauren M.

Chief of Staff

Lauren enjoys traveling, kickboxing, and hiking in her free time. She has a strong interest for music as well.

Lauren C.

Marketing Coordinator

Lauren loves cooking, interior decorating and holidays. She enjoys the outdoors, running and the beach. She values spending quality time with family and friends.

Lauren A.


In Lauren’s free time she enjoys being outdoors and capturing moments with her camera. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Zina R.

Operations Coordinator

Wine tasting, cooking/baking, decorating, running and eating are some of Zina’s favorite hobbies. Zina loves spending her free time with family and friends and binge watching Netflix too.

Kevin K.

Account Executive

In Kevin’s free time, he enjoys detailing cars, riding motorcycles, reading, and off-roading.

Kayla L.

Marketing Coordinator

Kayla loves hiking with her puppy, testing new recipes, attending concerts, spending time with family, and starting everyday with coffee.

Katie Q.

Executive Sales Assistant

Katie is a gym goer who loves spending time with her family and cooking. She appreciates makeup, skin care, and DIY projects as well.

Julian K.

IT and Systems Director

Faith, family, friends, always being positive, traveling, being adventurous. Learn something about everything and everything about something.

Josh G.

Sr. Business Advisor

Josh enjoys spending time with his family which includes his son, daughter, and wife. Some of Josh’s favorite things are attending concerts, cooking for friends and family, and drinking aged scotch.

Josh D.

Sr. Business Advisor

For fun, Josh likes to ride ATV’s, shoot sporting clays, play sports, go snowboarding, and hang out with his family. Another one of Josh’s interests is traveling with his wife.

Alexa B.

Customer Experience Manager

Alexa enjoys kickboxing, traveling and trips to the vineyards.

Joseph C.


Fishing, Skiing, Golfing, Nice drives out East with my family, and Simply enjoying good times and food with good people

John S.

Finance Manager

John values spending time with family, friends, and his dog, Jaxson. John’s other interests include participating in charities for animals, trying new restaurants, traveling, and spending weekends at the beach.

Joe S.

Sr. Business Advisor

In Joe’s free time he enjoys spending time with family and friends, going to the beach, and off-roading.

Jillian C.

Lead Processor

In Jillian’s free time, she loves building furniture. Some of her favorite things are old Batman comics, chips and dip, and anything poetic. Jillian prides herself on being a beast at field hockey, a wine enthusiast, and a professional dog petter.

James W.


Boating, Skiing, Hiking, Fishing, and Baseball with my Daughter and Son.

James H.

I.T. Admin

James enjoys fishing, cooking, and woodworking in his free time. Computers and technology are what he is passionate about.

Vish S.

Relationship Development Expert

Vish is a competitive afternoon napper that enjoys photography, graphic design, eating and spending time with his puppy!

Bradley W.

Relationship Development Expert

In Bradley’s free time he enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and investing. He also has interests in sports and fitness.

Eric T.

Strategic Account Manager

In Eric’s free time, he enjoys watching or playing sports. His favorite sports are lacrosse, football and golf.

Duanne S.

Sr. Business Advisor

Duanne’s hobbies include sports, running, hiking, and going to the gym. He also has strong interests in watching the Knicks play and listening to music.

Anya P.


Anya values spending time with family and friends. In her spare time you can find her cheering on her favorite sports teams, dancing at a concert, enjoying wine or finishing a D.I.Y project!

Cassandra D.

Lead Production Coordinator

In Cassandra’s free time she enjoys kickboxing, stock car racing, and traveling. Some of her interests are nature walks with her pup and DIY projects.

Courtney L.

Production Coordinator

Courtney values hanging out with friends and family. Some of her favorite hobbies are shopping,skiing, going to the beach, and attending sporting events.

Anthony C.

Strategic Account Manager

Anthony’s hobbies include snowboarding, coaching football, and lifting weights. He also enjoys binging different Netflix series.

Christopher C.

Business Advisor

Christopher enjoys traveling, making/listening to music, riding motorcycles, going to concerts/sporting eventings and spending time with his family and friends.

Joseph T.

Relationship Development Expert

Joseph’s favorites things include concerts, tattoos, pizza, and street louge. Joseph is passionate about Halloween.

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