Medical Practice Financing

Last Updated on January 6, 2016

From the time a physician graduates from medical school to the time they retire, they often provide 50 or even 60 years of service to their communities. Their offices, staff and equipment have a much shorter span of service, however. The same is true for dentists, pharmacy professionals, primary care physicians and specialists. When it is time to upgrade one’s medical equipment, comply with recent upgrades in medical billing or even to update waiting room decor, will you have the working capital or encounter cash flow issues?

National Business Capital offers loans for doctors regardless of the size of their practice or if their credit history has been level or turbulent. Medical practitioners who have selected us to provide medical practice financing appreciate that we do not charge upfront fees. They also know that they will receive a loan decision within 24 hours. As we have an over 90% approval rate, the prognosis is excellent that they will have the funds they need within days, not weeks or longer as with traditional lenders.

Fast Medical Practice Financing from a Firm You Can Trust

Did you know that the majority of our clients have been turned down by their banks prior to contacting National Business Capital? When making our loan decisions we consider the big picture. So a rocky credit history or even an outstanding tax lien are not immediate disqualifications. We respect our clients and treat everyone fairly and will work hard to find the right funding for your practice.

Unlike the new ICD-10 medical coding updates, you will not have to spend hours filling out our application. It takes about two minutes to fill out and submit. So if you are taking on and training new staff due to the recent ICD-10 rollout, require new equipment or are waiting on a payout from a health insurer to replenish your working capital, call us. We would like to assist you to locate the medical practice financing your practice requires. Call us at (888) 888-9124 to get started on a long term business relationship that will increase your service to your community while providing the financial peace of mind that you require.


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