Medical Financing Solutions for Professionals

When a medical practice, health care facility or organization requires financing, their bank may not be the best or most expeditious place to turn.

Traditional financial institutions have strict guidelines that may extend the timeline for the financing process and weeks can often stretch into months before a decision is reached and the funds are made available. A healthy FICO is also required and given economic upticks and downturns, this may not always be possible for medical professionals to maintain.

medical financing solutions for doctors and healthcare professionals

Fast, Accessible Medical Financing Solutions

Even for those with spotless credit, when financing has been secured to purchase or lease equipment, its selection may be limited to the bank’s choices not the borrower’s. Also, terms may be fixed and not negotiable. Where can those in the health field turn to locate medical financing solutions?

The answer is alternative financing through National Business Capital. A leading financing company, we have successfully helped doctors and others in the health care field obtain financing. Many of our clients had been turned down by their banks before coming to us. We are very proud of our over 90% approval rate in nearly every industry and type of firm across the country.

What do National Business Capital’s clients look for when seeking medical financing solutions?

Medical Business Financing for Any Need

Someone with a human approach to their business who will make their financing requirements a priority. First our Business Consultants will listen to our client’s needs and then strive to find the right financing options to provide the amount they need to borrow at terms they are comfortable with. We offer special Loans for Doctors in addition to business lines of credit and other financial possibilities. One or more will provide the ideal financing solution for your present needs.

And in the future, when your practice, facility or organization has financial requirements, we know that you will turn to us for personal consideration, quick approvals and funding on your terms. Establish a business relationship with National Business Capital.

How to Apply for 24-Hour Healthcare Financing

We want to provide the financing your business requires today, and contribute to its future success. Call us at (877) 482-3008 or apply today to get funds in as little as 24 hours!

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