Loans For Small Business

Loans for small businesses may be difficult to obtain from a traditional lender for many reasons. Loan amounts required by small businesses are not generally as great as those of larger firms so there is less interest and a smaller profit margin. Also, smaller businesses have a higher loan default rate and pose a greater risk for banks and traditional lenders.

Bank Loans for Small Businesses

To compensate, banks have a smaller funding pool small businesses to draw from, yet a greater number of applicants seeking to draw from those reserves. This leads to more stringent loan criteria, an indeterminate wait time for approvals and a longer timeline from application submission to funding than the loan process through alternative lenders. At traditional lenders loans for small business owners do not appear to carry the same weight as the lending requirements of bigger companies. This is not the case at National Business Capital. We have helped business owners obtain hundreds of millions of dollars to businesses of every size and in nearly every kind of industry across the country. A leading alternative financing company, we approve over 90% of the applications that we receive.

National Business Capital Offers Loans for Small Business Owners

In fact, 70% of our clients had been turned down for loans for small business owners by their banks before coming to us. Our application takes just minutes and does not require the same amount of documentation as banks do. We get decisions within 24 hours. Our criteria is not based on your credit score alone. In fact, an open tax lien or low FICO are not immediate disqualifications.

Easier, Faster Loans for Small Business

Our goal at National Business Capital is to establish an ongoing business finance relationship with each of our clients. We want to be here for you whenever you require additional working capital to achieve your current and future business goals. Our Business Consultants are very knowledgeable and treat every applicant and client with respect. We appreciate the dedication and hard work that has gone into getting your business off the ground and into its present level of success.

Get a Same-Day Small Business Loan Today

We pledge to work hard to assist your business to obtain the financing that your enterprise needs today, and we’ll be here for you when you need our financial expertise in the future. For the peace of mind in knowing that you have a financial partner who will treat you and your business with respect and work as hard as you do to find the funding options it requires to thrive, call National Business Capital at (888) 888-9124 today!

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