Key Questions to Ask Yourself When Requesting Small/Large Business Loans

Whether your business is large or small, new to the industry or an industry leader, working capital is what keeps your business, well, in business. When your company needs funding there are several avenues to turn, but which is the right solution for you? As you might expect, there are paths for small business to take that will differ somewhat from the options available to larger, more established firms. Either way, National Business Capital wants you to know your options and that we are here to assist you.. We strive to ensure that you’ll receive the working capital your business needs to sustain operations and to see growth.

Where Can I Go to Discuss My Options for Small Business Loans?

Smaller businesses require cash infusions to upgrade equipment, move or renovate, even to pay for salaries. Generally, by the time your small business needs money, it needed it yesterday. Traditional financial institutions may not be the best options for your firm. Banks make money by lending money, and it costs the bank money to extend credit to a small borrower. Once servicing the loan is factored into the bank’s operating costs, it simply does not pay for them to make loans to small business. That is why only an estimated 20% of small business applicants for bank loans are accepted.

Where should firms that seek small business loans go when their bank says “no”? Have a look at alternative financing with National Business Capital. We have an over 90% approval rate and many of our borrowers have previously been turned down for loans by their banks – and isn’t 90% a lot better odds than 20%? Any day!

What Are Some Available Options for Obtaining Large Business Loans?

When do larger businesses require funding? When an unforeseen business opportunity presents itself, yet their working capital is tied up in inventory or new construction or for any other number of reasons. This is usually when businesses with greater than 50 employees and possibly several locations turn to their banks for financial assistance. In this instance, the problem is not credit-worthiness, but rather timeliness on the part of the bank.

The bank loan application process is daunting- standard applications require a significant investment in time to fill out and prepare the number of documents that must additionally be presented for large business loans to be considered. Next, the timeline for a bank’s approval and monies deposited is not likely to dovetail with the larger firm’s fleeting window of business opportunity. Banks often take weeks to reach a decision and once accepted, monies may take weeks or months to be deposited into your account.

Here is the same scenario played out via alternative financing through National Business Capital: Corporation X, a generations-old regional manufacturer has won a contract that will be very profitable. They require upgraded equipment to manufacture the product but cannot free sufficient capital to make the equipment purchase. A call to their business consultant at National Business Capital followed by a simple application process leads to acceptance within 24 hours and funds deposited in their bank account within days not weeks. .. Best of all, Corporation X can buy their equipment from whomever they wish. There are no vendor restrictions with National Business Capital.

Consult with National Business Capital when your business, regardless of size, requires a loan to ensure its future will be bright. We establish long-term relationships with our clients and have the knowledge and experience to help your business grow. We’re here to help you obtain business lines of credit, franchise funding, loans for medical professionals, accounts receivables and more. Give us a call at: (888) 888-9124 today!

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We strengthen local communities one small business loan at a time. For every deal we fund, we donate 10 meals to Feeding America!


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