It’s Not Too Late For A Holiday Mobile Marketing Plan!

With less than two weeks to go until the beginning of Hanukkah and Christmas, many small business owners are carefully reviewing their holiday sales.  If you are looking to make a final push to maximize your holiday sales, it is not too late.  Consider implementing a mobile marketing plan.

Claim Your Business Listings

Do you have a traditional brick and mortar business?  If so, create a Location Based Deal.  Claim your business on social sites such as Foursquare or Gowalla.  Customers will have the opportunity to “check-in” when they enter your business.  You can offer a special just for checking in or you can offer a special to the “mayor” – the person who checks in the most often during a 60 day period.  Be sure to put signage in your storefront and advertise on your website and facebook page.

Mobile Apps

Create a Holiday Mobile App.  Even if you already have an app for your business, creating a special holiday app will attract attention.  Your special holiday app may include holiday specials, holiday hours, and even a coupon for post holiday savings.  Many easy to use tools are available for you to create your app.

QR Codes

QR Codes are rising in popularity. Use this special time of year to introduce QR code marketing for your business.  Again, there are do-it-yourself tools available or sites that will create the code for you.  QR codes are a great way to marry your print and online marketing efforts.  A QR code will lead your customer to a mobile site or a landing page.  Here you can provide important holiday information such as store hours and/or specials.  You can also choose to offer exclusive discounts to customers who utilized your QR code.

Implementing any or all of the above will help you maximize your holiday sales.  Spread the word of your mobile marketing by adding icons to your website, facebook page, and emails.  Have signs in your window and at point of sale. Encourage your employees to verbally inform your customers of the special deals they may be able to benefit from.

We at National Business Capital hope you find these tips beneficial!

About the Author, Megan Capobianco
Megan Capobianco is the Marketing Manager at National Business Capital & Services. Megan is passionate about helping business owners along their journey - providing them with relevant content they can use in their day-to-day operations.