IT Equipment Financing

For over 25 years, successful businesses have relied on their Information Technologists to ensure that their systems to their staffers’ desktop computers run efficiently. Almost every business depends on staffers utilizing office computers to be as productive as possible. Computer downtime is not just lost time, it means lost revenue as well. This underscores the importance in having a well-run IT department or an IT business consultant. IT professionals can not only recommend system upgrades and but also to maintain any business’ technical infrastructure. The following list covers the primary IT equipment required for any business to run efficiently and reliably. This equipment includes:

  • Servers
  • Blade servers
  • Chassis
  • Network switches
  • Network routers
  • Firewall devices
  • Towers, etc.

Keeping a business’ IT on the cutting edge will likely require IT Equipment Financing. National Business Capital, a leading alternative financing company offers these suggestions for business owners and IT consultants to consider. This way the decision-making process is made easier when business owners know what to expect. A firm’s IT equipment may still be functional but could be contributing to a loss of productivity and other issues. One way to determine if a business has outgrown its IT equipment is to run the following scenarios and see if their technology is still supporting or is hindering business’ expectations.

Business is Successful and Growing

Is equipment keeping up?

Business is Running Lean and Requires Doing More with Fewer Resources

Are individual desktop computers powerful enough, and is there sufficient bandwidth to support automating more processes?

Productivity Needs to be Increased.

Automating additional processes including collaboration and on-the-fly remote access to data are being investigated -can current system handle these proposed software upgrades or will hardware need to be upgraded as well?

New Industry Regulations Mandate Additional Security and Storage

Will current servers and firewall need to be upgraded in order to comply?

More Customer Interaction is Desired

Can the current network handle additional traffic and provide sufficient output to and from mobile devices?

A Need to Reduce Overhead by Reducing Operating Expenses

If it is taking staffers longer to accomplish tasks, an outdated PC that takes longer to launch programs, or even a network that can no longer handle additional traffic, may signal a need for upgrades.

Planned Technology Upgrades

This include new yet memory-intensive programs, and ability to perform digital video editing. This usually indicates a need for faster, newer equipment and applications to increase team collaboration.

The Business Merges with a Competitor

Can the current network support additional staff or divisions?

Where to Receive IT Equipment Financing Fast

Once a need for improvement has been demonstrated, the next requisite is to decide if an upgrade or replacement is the best financial option. Simple upgrades such as making a laptop WiFi-enabled are low-cost expenses, as are additional Bluetooth or USB 2.0 capabilities. When an upgrade will cost more than half the price of a new machine, however, purchasing a new computer is the sound long-term financial option. This is also the path to take when servicing a piece of equipment that needs repair. Get an estimate of the repair cost and if it exceeds 50% of the new machine’s cost, then maybe it is not worth the repair.Most importantly, all upgrades should be carried out by IT technicians. This is not just good advice, but may also be required by the computer vendor or reseller to validate the warranty. When purchasing new IT equipment, invest in models that will minimize the need for upgrades for the foreseeable future. No lay person can determine what the next big office technology breakthrough will be, however it would not be a mistake to buy a computer with as much memory as possible. Another example of a sound technology investment is to purchase a new network that can support any planned future upgrades that may already be part of a long-term IT strategy. When seeking IT equipment financing, consult with an alternative financing industry leader, National Business Capital. Our Business Consultants will strive to locate the right financing for your business requirements. Our application process takes minutes and requires limited personal documentation. There are no upfront fees, either. Financing decisions, based on realistic underwriting criteria, are made within 24 hours. We approve over 90% of the applications we receive, and approved applicants receive their money within days. We invite business owners with questions regarding IT equipment financing solutions to contact us to discuss our specialized Equipment Financing program at (888) 888-9124 or to apply now.

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