ICD-10 Rollout’s Impact on Medical Billing

Sweeping changes in the medical billing system have taken place, countrywide, as mandated by October 1, 2015. The new system is intended to be more patient-centric and is vastly superior to the over 40 year old system it replaces, however the ICD-10 rollout has not been without issue. From the need for new computers, IT professionals to implement the rollout, training for both medical billing staffers and physicians alike, the overall costs of this change has yet to be determined. Its value will be in faster compilation and submission of patient case histories to hospitals and invoices to health i insurance payers. In time this new system will result in quicker approvals, fewer disapprovals and faster payouts to hospitals and medical practitioners. But that day is not here yet.

Electronic Records Mandated as Part of ICD-10 Rollout

For one thing, the IDC-10 rollout places greater emphasis on physicians to document claims made to healthcare insurers. That documentation takes longer to produce as they now require greater detail and specificity. Another issue surrounding the rollout is greater online security as more details of individual patient care are now contained in these case studies and claims. Still other concerns are being faced by private care physicians who may not have made the transition from paper to electronic records keeping as yet. These and other factors translate as additional costs to both hospitals, healthcare facilities and physicians themselves.

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