How to Use Construction Financing for Large Projects

When seeking construction financing for such a large capital investment, the objective is to borrow sufficient financing to bridge the time between making payments and obtaining revenues.

No construction project, especially those that are large in scale, can proceed without adequate financing.

The construction firm that oversees the project throughout its building cycle will have to be able to cover the costs incurred by each participant in the project from breaking ground through tenancy.

Facility financing will have long and short term aspects. Long term revenue can include: sales grants, tax revenues, and leases.

For short term, large scale projects, construction financing is usually obtained through banks, private investors, and municipal projects that may seek bond underwriting or, increasingly, alternative financing companies.

When Cash Flow Mandates Additional Construction Financing

Few large-scale building projects are underwritten through one financial source. Knowing that most of any project’s expenditures will occur during the early construction stage, prospective borrowers will use projections of the cash flow they expect.

At this point construction business owners begin to supplement their capital requirements through their financing prospects. Once construction begins, timing is critical – unforeseen delays and contingencies can be expensive and impact the project and the construction business’ solvency.

How Construction Financing Works in Speeding Up and Simplifying Large Projects

Alternative financing companies have assisted many contracting firms when the need for additional working capital arises. A major equipment breakdown, a weather-related delay and/or damage to the building under construction all require immediate attention and a cash flow infusion.

National Business Capital, a leading alternative lender, has assisted many contractors to obtain additional construction financing for their major building projects.

One key benefit we offer is our quick application – your submission will be reviewed in 24 hours or less, and if accepted, the financing is quickly made available.

We forge long-term business relationships with our clients so that when a future need arises, our Business Consultants can quickly assist our clients to obtain the financing they require. If you have questions, please call to speak with us at (877) 482-3008 or fill out our online application.

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