How to Get More Clients: The Digital Marketing Must-Haves

Last Updated on November 1, 2019

The world of advertising is changing, so if you want more clients, your strategy needs to evolve! 

Online content consumption is set to overtake traditional platforms like TV, radio and newspaper. If you want to respond to this trend, create digital marketing plan to place your brand’s messages in front of more eyes.

Using a combination of established platforms and new technologies, you can grow your business through a far more interactive style of advertising than was previously possible. Potential clients are ready to engage with businesses like yours through a variety of digital channels. 

All you have to do is tap into the right ones with strategies designed to engage, nurture and convert.

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The Role of Digital Marketing in Business

Traditional marketing is pretty much a one-way conversation involving a repeated sequence of steps:

  • You release an ad
  • Some potential clients see the ad
  •  A small percentage contact you
  •  A smaller percentage become paying clients

Going digital opens up the lines of communication to allow for engagement and personalization, two things more people are seeking in their interactions with companies. Taking an omni-channel approach puts your advertising messages on platforms people already use in their daily lives. And, unlike with the limited channels in traditional marketing, there are plenty of options available for reaching a wide audience of potential clients. 

Marketing through digital platforms is often cheaper than going the traditional route. Forty percent of small businesses say digital marketing saves money, making it a cost-effective choice for expanding your client base. Tapping into the trend toward local search grabs the attention of people already looking for products and services nearby. This gives you a chance to connect with potential clients in your area, who can support your advertising efforts by word of mouth.

Recent statistics highlight the changes happening in digital marketing right now and what you can expect to see in the near future. If you’re not already convinced that increasing your online presence is a must, here are a few eye-opening numbers: 

  • Search engines drive 93% of website traffic
  •  90% of U.S. searches are conducted using Google
  • 46% of searchers are seeking local information
  • About 30% of searches will be done via voice by 2020
  • Over 3 billion people will be using email in 2020
  • 3.1 billion people around the world will use social media by 2021
  • People watch a collective total of 5 billion videos on YouTube every day
  •  64% of shoppers find videos on social media helpful when making purchasing decisions
  • Over 75% of online traffic will be mobile by 2020
  • 70% of customers prefer to learn about products through content
  • 47% of buyers look at three to five pieces of content before initiating conversations with businesses
  • By 2020, content creators will use artificial intelligence (AI) to help with 30% of their content

What do these recent trends in digital marketing mean for your business? 

Billions of pairs of eyes are browsing the web for products, services, content and answers every day. You have the chance to grab their attention with strategic digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Best Practices to Win New Clients

You’ve probably read or heard advice about beefing up your website or “getting social” with your marketing. But if you really want to rock the digital landscape, you need to elevate your advertising tactics.

Content Marketing

Creating and releasing high-quality content remains one of the best ways to attract clients. Sharing content on a regular schedule can increase search engine visibility. But it also creates opportunities for potential clients to encounter your brand while searching for solutions to problems, rather than specific products or services. 

This strategy may sound old school, but changes in the way people consume and interact with content is opening up new horizons for businesses. 

As the lines between real life, online platforms and advertising continue to blur, your audience is becoming more interested in “micro-content”. Snippets of information that can be easily viewed (within the larger context of what customers already engaged in) are designed to flow naturally as part of the overall online experience.

Chatbots and Messaging

Sixty-three percent of people would consider communicating with a brand online via a chatbot. More companies are beginning to embed bots in their sites or use them to connect with prospective clients on social media. Billions of people are using apps like Facebook Messenger, WeChat and WhatsApp to communicate, and users and businesses exchange over 10 billion messages per month on Facebook alone.

Chatting is the ultimate personalized marketing experience. Bots can save time and money by handling common questions and simple actions, such as booking appointments, and potential clients with more complex inquiries can quickly be connected to human customer service representatives. 

Through social messaging, you initiate conversations and build customer relationships on platforms where people already expect businesses to be. Chatbots make your business available 24/7, allowing clients to interact on their own time and ensure you never miss an important connection. 

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Transforming products and services into experiences is the goal of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) advertising. Companies in industries like automotive sales, hospitality, travel and home improvement are using these emerging technologies to give customers and clients a dose of realism as they research products and services. Videos offering 360-degree views of vacation destinations, realistic “test drive” apps, VR tours and more are transforming the way businesses handle digital marketing. 

Since just about anyone can tap into these experiences using a smartphone and an inexpensive viewer like Google Cardboard, introducing AR and VR gives you the potential to reach up to 81% of U.S. adults. While this may not be a “must-have” marketing technique just yet, getting started with innovative campaigns now can put you ahead of the game when the technology goes mainstream.

Fund Your Most Effective Online Marketing Campaign

To up your digital marketing game, you want to get in on trends before your competitors and stay consistent with your online presence. It’s worth the effort to grow your client base and diversify your business income. Gaining more clients lowers the risk of your business going under if you lose a big contract or a key partnership ends. A robust digital marketing campaign can help you reach that level of security,putting your business on track for more growth.

It all sounds great, right? But investing in marketing strategies to increase your customer base can be expensive, especially if you’re trying to push into new platforms powered by emerging technologies. 

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