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Small Business Loans with Bad Credit

Getting a small business loan from your local bank can be a challenge. Banks profit from making large loans to bigger businesses. It is simply not cost-effective for banks to grant loans to small businesses. If you have had difficulty obtaining funding from your bank and believe that getting a small business loan may not be possible, consider alternative financing instead.

Getting a Small Business Loan

Small business owners who have sustained business losses often experience difficulty in obtaining small business loans from a commercial lender. At best their damaged or bad credit often mandates a high collateral requirement. Due to the high risk that is assumed when providing small business loans for an applicant with bad credit, rates will be much higher than those for persons with ‘good’ credit. Approval or turnaround time can also be much longer. Even in the best of conventional circumstances, liquid capital may be procured “too little, too late.” This could put a business further into debt, diminishing both its credit rating, its credibility and even its solvency.

How to Get Bad Credit Small Business Loans

National Business Capital presents a solution for small businesses owners who need quality financing that is not based on credit, time in business, open tax liens or losses. Business owners who want to know how to get a business loan after their bank has turned them down, should contact National Business Capital to discuss their options. National Business Capital is not a bank and our loan requirements differ greatly from those of conventional lenders. Premium features of our small business loans include set payments and payment terms, no restrictions on fund utilization, unsecured loan amounts of up to $2 million and quick turnaround for approvals and funding.

The majority of National Business Capital’s clients have been denied loans from traditional banks. Did you know that National Business Capital grants small business loans to applicants with bad credit with very few or little restrictions? Are you ready to push into new territory or enhance your existing business operations? Our 2-minute application is the first step to help your business attain the funds it requires. National Business Capital approves over 90% of the loan applications we receive. So if you have been turned down for a loan by your bank, turn to National Business Capital for a no-collateral loan for your small business. For more information on how to get a small business loan with bad credit, bad credit small business loans or to fill out our credit form, please click here or call us at (877) 542-0037. Our Business Consultants are ready to address your needs about how to get a business loan with bad credit, professionally and with personal attention, regardless of any credit history you may have. We look forward to forging a relationship with your business that is based on mutual trust and success.


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