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The first loan exclusively for Gallery Business Owners

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Over 90%
Over 90% of Gallery Owner Applicants Approved
Funds in 24-Hrs
Funding In As Little As 24 Hours!
Low Cost
Competitive Pricing
Prepare For Any Spontanious Expenses
No Credit Score
No Minimum Credit Score Required
No Collateral
No Collateral Or Personal Guarantee Necessary
You Never Know Where and When Inspiration or Opportunity Will Appear…
NBC's Gallerist Loans prepares you for when it does.
This consistent and reliable source of capital enables you to:
  • Exhibit at more art fairs
  • Acquire an important estate
  • Recruit and secure a new artist you want to represent
  • Provide advances to existing stable artists
  • Be opportunistic in acquiring secondary market material
  • Promote your next exhibition more robustly
  • Cover operational costs between shows and sales
  • Bridges the gaps in capital as they occur throughout the year
When your schedule of spontaneous expenses starts to border on the abstract, NBC's Gallerist Loans make order out of the chaos.
Gallerist Inspiration
choose from 3 gallerist loan options
Term Loans
Term Loans
Consistent business loans you can rely on with set terms and set rates.
  • Use for Any Need: Use your Gallerist Term Loan to accomplish virtually any business goal.
  • Loan Amount: $10K - $5Mil
  • Term Lengths: 6 Months - 10 Years
  • Time To Funding: 1-3 Days
Revolving Business Line of Credit
Revolving Business Line of Credit
Immediately access cash on-hand, and only pay for what you use!
  • Revolving Terms: Draw the amount you need, replace it, then draw it again!
  • True APR Rates: Only pay for exactly what you use, at lower true APR rates.
  • Loan Amount: $10K - $5Mil
  • Term Length: 6 Months - 10 Years
  • Time to Fund: 24 - 72 Hours
Hybridge SBA Loan
Hybridge SBA Loan™
The newest, easiest & fastest SBA loan on the market with immediate funding.
  • Immediate Capital: Receive an initial capital injection within 24 hours after applying.
  • Monthly Payment Terms: Pay off your loan on a consistant monthly cycle.
  • Loan Amount: $50K - $5Mil
  • Term Length: 10 - 15 Years
  • Time to Fund: Expedited SBA Processing secures funds as soon as 45 days
Bringing bfas to bfas!

A Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is the most prestigious honor a student can receive in the art industry. Ironically, a Business Financing Advisor - or BFA - is the most pretigious job title in the business financing industry, and they can only be found at National Business Capital.

As soon as you apply, you will be connected to one of our BFAs who will provide 24/7 personalized support to help expedite the process, and save you time and money.

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