Funding for Small Businesses

At one time it was the goal of every small business, regardless of its industry, to grow and expand to become a much larger enterprise. Largely due to technology and the internet, over time more tasks have become automated and many of today’s small businesses run efficiently and profitably without the need for vast expansion. In fact, a growing number of e-commerce businesses do not have brick and mortar locations, nor plans to acquire them.

With more small businesses demonstrating that small can be effective, even highly competitive, one might think that financing would be fairly easy to come by through traditional financing sources such as banks. This is not the case, however, as the Small Business Administration (SBA) reports that banks approve only about 20% of the applications they receive from small businesses. Where does that leave the majority of small business owners seeking to grow their businesses and take them to the next level?

Many small business owners seeking financing assistance have turned to National Business Capital, a leading alternative lender. Our Business Consultants strive to assist our clients to obtain the right financing their business requires. We approve over 90% of the applications we receive, and over thousands of our clients have been turned down for financing at their banks before coming to us and being approved. We work hard to establish an ongoing business financial relationship with every client. This way they can receive an infusion of additional working capital almost as soon as their business needs it.

Reliable and Trustworthy Funding for Small Businesses

Another hallmark of National Business Capital’s approach is that we strive to help our clients to understand which financing tools will be right for a given business circumstance and why. Some of the most common financing solutions are:

For example, by taking a personal interest in our clients we can advise them as to which financial products are best for their current financial requirements. Our Business Consultants will then assist them to obtain this financing. A Business Line of Credit, for example, may provide an ideal source of funding for small businesses that have short-term funding requirements. Another workable solution might be Accounts Receivable Financing. Manufacturers in particular may have received orders for more products than they can fulfill without additional working capital to pay their materials suppliers.

And while one might not think of a medical practice as a small business, many single practitioners are. Waiting on insurance claim invoices to be paid could create a cash-flow bottleneck that could impact the quality of patient care. Specialized funding for small businesses in the medical field, such as doctor loans and dental practice financing, will provide needed financing to cover business expenses until claims are paid.

It is our relationship-building approach that sets us apart and has attracted thousands of businesses across the country to contact us for financial assistance. Assisting our clients to receive funding for small business’ is big business at National Business Capital. We invite you to speak with one of our Business Consultants at (877) 482-3008.

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