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Last Updated on April 1, 2015

Do you own a franchise or are you looking to purchase a new location for your existing franchise?

National Business Capital & Services has franchise financing and restaurant financing programs available to you with a variety of customizable options.  We offer premium programs and our franchise clients have funded multiple locations through us.

Though there are a wide variety of crucial reasons a franchise owner may elect to utilize our professional financing services, many franchisees tend to use our franchise financing for remodeling, mandatory franchise updates, new location acquisition and equipment purchases, repairs and upgrades.

Here are the 3 main products that are offered for franchise financing with a brief description of each.

franchise financing from national business capital and services

Top 3 Franchise Funding Products:

Business Line of Credit

business line of credit for franchises

A business line of credit gives you the flexibility needed to access funds quickly and conveniently.

Our business financing is an excellent tool that is designed to meet the specific needs of your business.  One of its best features is that you only pay for what you use.

Even if you do not have an immediate need for funding, a line of credit is always smart to have for emergencies or for when an incredible opportunity arises. Click here to learn more about our Business Line of Credit option.

Small Business Loan

small business loan for franchises

Our small business financing approvals are NOT based on your personal credit, time in business or if you are showing a loss.  Even if you have an open tax lien, we can still help.

No matter what the situation, business owners trust our small business loans to grow their business at a faster pace.

Unlike traditional banks, we offer unsecured small business loans up to $2 million, with absolutely no restrictions on how the funds are used.  So many business owners have looked to us for a fast, trustworthy and effective answer to their financial troubles.

Equipment Leasing & Financing

equipment financing for franchises

National finances almost every type of equipment for any franchise.  We can provide your franchise with equipment leasing by offering affordable monthly payments through customized terms specific to your business.

National can work with you to finance used or new equipment or purchase inventory in anticipation of future sales or rentals.  We offer a comprehensive package of equipment loans, ranging from 12- to 60-month terms, which offer a solution to any type of franchise business and franchise business owner.

We also offer 10-year terms for more extensive manufacturing equipment financing.  Click here to learn more.

Franchises That Have Used Our Financing

Franchise Financing

We have successfully provided franchise loans and restaurant financing to such recognizable and far-reaching brands (but not limited to) as Subway, CiCi’s Pizza, Meineke Car Care Center, Golden Crust, Golden Corral, Firehouse Subs, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Domino’s Pizza, IHOP, Burger King, Jack in the Box and Quizno’s, to name a few!

Now let’s talk about some of the more popular franchises out there today.  Entrepreneur came up with a blog post of the top fastest growing franchises in 2015.

The list includes over 100 franchises in different industries.  Here are the top 10 that they have listed.

  1. Subway: 2015 Franchise 500 rank: #3 Subs, salads Total franchises/co.-owned: 42,227/0 U.S./Canada franchise growth: +532
  2. Dunkin’ Donuts: 2015 Franchise 500 rank: #11 Coffee, doughnuts, baked goods Total franchises/co.-owned: 10,993/0 U.S./Canada franchise growth: +373
  3. Cruise Planners: 2015 Franchise 500 rank: #22 Travel agency Total franchises/co.-owned: 1,757/1 U.S./Canada franchise growth: +302
  4. Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches: 2015 Franchise 500 rank: #6 Gourmet sandwiches Total franchises/co.-owned: 2,043/38 U.S./Canada franchise growth: +288
  5. Vanguard Cleaning Systems: 2015 Franchise 500 rank: #26 Commercial cleaning Total franchises/co.-owned: 2,946/0 U.S./Canada franchise growth: +250
  6. Great Clips: 2015 Franchise 500 rank: #37 Hair salon Total franchises/co.-owned: 3,518/2 U.S./Canada franchise growth: +231
  7. Taco Bell: 2015 Franchise 500 rank: #19 Mexican food Total franchises/co.-owned: 5,157/896 U.S./Canada franchise growth: +227
  8. Bricks 4 Kidz: 2015 Franchise 500 rank: #102 Lego-engineering classes, camps, parties Total franchises/co.-owned: 606/2 U.S./Canada franchise growth: +181
  9. McDonald’s: 2015 Franchise 500 rank: #14 Burgers, chicken, salads, beverages Total franchises/co.-owned: 28,994/6,689 U.S./Canada franchise growth: +164
  10. Sport Clips: 2015 Franchise 500 rank: #36 Men’s sports-theme hair salon Total franchises/co.-owned: 1,269/31 U.S./Canada franchise growth: +162

More Franchise Success Through National

Here is another great article on the original locations of 15 of the most famous food chain franchises.  Click on the image to open the article.

Food Chain Frachises

“Franchising offers individuals like me an opportunity to break free and own their own business whilst at the same time minimizing the risk that is inherent in opening an entirely new business from scratch.

Franchising also enables you to become involved as part of a company that has established a tried and tested system and has achieved some market share and name awareness. In the end, you’re given the responsibility to succeed without micromanagement.”  – Stacy Huston

You can read more about how Stacy went from using financing to buy a franchise to turning her franchise into a $1,000,000 per year business by clicking here.

Easier, Faster Franchise Approvals from National

The majority of our clients were denied franchise loans from traditional banks before contacting us.  But National offers franchise loans to small-, medium- and large-sized businesses nationwide – and works with all types of businesses, no matter what the credit history.

When you choose National as your lender, you will enjoy zero upfront fees, approval within 24 hours and funding within mere days.

National is extremely proud of our 90% approval rate. Our clients’ franchise financing needs are addressed quickly, efficiently and with a personal touch, regardless of their credit score.

How to Apply for Franchise Loans & Credit Lines

Completing National’s 1-minute application online will get your franchise started with achieving the financing it needs in as little as 24 hours.

Do you have further questions about franchise financing or restaurant financing?  Please give us a call at (877) 482-3008.  Our franchise financing representatives are standing by to serve you!

National Business Capital & Services is the #1 FinTech marketplace offering small business loans and services. Harnessing the power of smart technology and even smarter people, we’ve streamlined the approval process to secure over $1 billion in financing for small business owners to date.

Our expert Business Financing Advisors work within our 75+ Lender Marketplace in real time to give you easy access to the best low-interest SBA loans, short and long-term loans and business lines of credit, as well as a full suite of revenue-driving business services.

We strengthen local communities one small business loan at a time. For every deal we fund, we donate 10 meals to Feeding America!

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