Financing for Tax Payments

Are you starting to get “spring fever”? Daylight savings time has given us the much anticipated extra hour(s) of light at the end of our workdays and many of us are just itching to get out and enjoy them. Unfortunately, there is another day right around the corner that may be making you feel feverish in altogether different (and not as pleasant) way. April 15th. Tax Day. As business owners we are aware of the deadline creeping up on us, and for some it is cause for some serious stress. If you’re not sure how you are going to make your payment, National Business Capital has a suggestion. Let your accountant worry about the completing the return and let National Business Capital worry about financing the payment. See? Simple! No need for stress!

Cash is not always on hand when it’s needed, especially for a small business owner. National Business Capital understands this. We understand that a perfectly viable business may need some extra funding to get past a difficult time or to carry it while waiting for receivables to flow in. We work hard to help businesses thrive and succeed. Our flexible financing programs are designed to help keep your business moving in the right direction.

There are a lot of benefits to owning a business, but a great deal of stress and responsibility come along with them. National Business Capital wants to help reduce some of that stress so you can enjoy more of the benefits! Give us a call at (877) 482-3008 an speak with one of our business consultants. Tax Day CAN be a stress free day!

National Business Capital & Services is the #1 FinTech marketplace offering small business financing and services. Harnessing the power of smart technology and even smarter people, we’ve streamlined the approval process to secure over $1 billion in financing for small business owners to date.

Our expert Business Financing Advisors work within our 75+ Lender Marketplace in real time to give you easy access to the best low-interest SBA loans, short and long-term loans and business lines of credit, as well as a full suite of revenue-driving business services.

We strengthen local communities one small business loan at a time.
For every deal we fund, we donate 10 meals to Feeding America!

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About the Author, Joe Camberato
Joseph Camberato, President at National Business Capital & Services, developed a passion for business at a young age. Joseph has a true respect for anyone who owns a business and enjoys engaging them in discussions of how they “made it happen.”