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Equipment Finance

Whether your business requires new office equipment, furniture, computers, software, vehicles or even a new location, there’s an equipment finance option out there to help you to get what you need quickly and easily. There are numerous ways to underwrite the cost of acquiring new equipment for your firm. Depending on what the specific equipment business owners are seeking there may be specialized funding options available just for certain business equipment expenses.

What Kinds of Equipment Funding Options are Out There?

For relatively small expenses, such as updating computers and business software at a small company, a line of credit, for example, may be sufficient. There are other considerations as well. For example, some capital expenses, such as new computers, may qualify as a business tax deduction. National Business Capital has worked with businesses of every size and has helped business owners of every size and type obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in working capital right when their businesses require it. We stand out among equipment finance companies for our personal service and professional business finance guidance.

Why National Business Capital Stands Out Among Equipment Finance Companies

Think of National Business Capital when looking for equipment finance companies. We offer financing for almost every type of equipment for any industry. We can provide you with business equipment leasing and equipment funding options with affordable monthly payments through customized terms specific to your business. Whatever the industry or demographic your business serves: medical, software sector, manufacturing, food service or auto repair services or in another business sector entirely, we can help your company to receive the business capital you require.

National Business Capital will work to finance used or new equipment or to purchase inventory in anticipation of future sales. Ours is a comprehensive package of equipment financing options, ranging from 12- 60-month terms. One of these will offer a financial solution for nearly every type of business and business owner. And while some equipment finance companies limit who you can buy or lease your equipment from, National Business Capital wants you to work with the vendor of your choice without restrictions.

Explore Your Equipment Finance Options

At National Business Capital we offer small to large-sized businesses nationwide their businesses need when they need it. We work with every type of business, no matter how excellent or how poor their credit history. When you choose National Business Capital, you choose zero upfront fees, 24-hour approval and lightning- fast response funding within days, not weeks.

The majority of our clients were denied equipment loans from traditional banks before contacting us. So we are justly proud of our 90% approval rate and ability to grant the means for our clients to lease or to purchase their business equipment. Our application will help your business obtain the equipment financing it needs. For more information or to fill out our 2-minute credit form, click here or download the application form here.

Do you have questions about business equipment leasing or equipment financing? Please feel free to give us a call at (888) 888-9124. Our Business Consultants are equipment leasing and equipment finance specialists. We will be glad to address your needs rapidly, professionally and with an individual touch, regardless of your previous credit history.

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