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Business Financing Advisors

What is a Business Financing Advisor?

Keith F.

Business Finance Advisor

Keith enjoys snowboarding during the wintertime and jet skiing during the summer time. He’s also very into the gym and being outside during his free time.

Robert D.

Business Advisor

Robert loves to play basketball in different leagues across Long Island and is a die hard knicks fan. He enjoy spending his free time at the beach or hanging out in NYC on the weekends.

Matthew W.

Business Advisor

Matthew loves fantasy football, karaoke and going to sporting events and concerts.

Stephen C.

Stephen enjoys traveling, snowboarding, surfing, and spending time with his family. He was also a business owner of 13 years. He owned a pizzeria when he was younger and then recently a marketing/advertising company in Manhattan.

Michael F.

Business Advisor

Michael’s hobbies include DJing and making electronic music. He loves to be on a boat, skiing or ice skating in the winter.

Matthew M.

Business Advisor

In his free time, Matthew enjoys playing/watching sports, spending time with family and friends, and going to the gym.

Andrew E.

Business Finance Advisor

Andrew enjoys spending time with his family, fishing with the kids and going to baseball games.  He is a big baseball fan, Let’s Go YANKEES!

Dominic G.

Sales Administrator

Dominic loves playing golf, playing fantasy sports and watching/attending sporting events. He also enjoys spending time and traveling with his wife and daughter.

Jonathan C.

In his free time, Jonathan loves to work out to clear his mind. He also enjoys hanging out with friends and family during the weekend!

Hakan U.

Hakan loves to workout and live an active lifestyle. He plays all kinds of sports and enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

William L.

Strategic Account Manager

In William’s free time he enjoys going to Kozy Korner diner with his family, watching sports & WWF with his brother Danny. He also enjoys Investing, Weight Training, and playing Basketball.

Greg A.

Finance Manager

Greg appreciates spending time with his family in his free time. He also has interests in trying new restaurants and playing darts.

Stephen M.

Business Finance Advisor

Stephen enjoys spending time with family & loved ones. His hobbies include a love of all things sports, & his 3 pit bulls. He considers himself a spirited political debater, & patriot.

Spencer A.

Strategic Account Manager

In Spencer’s free time he likes to go to restaurants and eat good food but his favorite way to spend time is chilling with his dog.

Jose C.

Business Growth Advisor

Jose spends his spare time with his family and volunteering at an animal sanctuary, where he loves taking care of his favorite animals which are goats and sheep.

Timmy S.

Strategic Account Manager

Timmy enjoys bowling, going to the gym, trying multiple pizzerias, and making trips into NYC with his family and friends.

Robert C.

Strategic Account Manager

In Robert’s free time, he enjoys traveling, spending time with family, wrestling, and investing. Robert is also fond of a good TV series on Netflix.

Alex S.

Account Executive

Alex enjoys watching sports, but mostly mixed martial arts & football, and hanging out with the family.

Ricky P.

Business Advisor

During his spare time, Ricky enjoys travel, riding motorcycles and volunteering in local events. He also enjoys yard games, darts and paddle boarding. Family is still number one in his book.

Philip L.

Business Advisor

In Philip’s free time he enjoys hiking, fishing, and hunting. Other interests of Philip include sports and movies.

Phil F.

Finance Manager

Phil appreciates spending time with family, traveling, and golfing in his free time. Phil also has a passion for cars.