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4 Best Business Loans for Retailers

Retailers form a vital element of our economy. That shouldn’t really come as a surprise considering how often everyday people rely on retailers to buy essential goods and products. As such, retailers should know that they have a variety of funding options available to them –– not only to assist during difficult times, but alsoRead More

3 Ways Retail Business Loans Help Manage Seasonal Changes

While much of the business world breaks the annual calendar down into months and quarters, retailers focus on seasons. Surprisingly these seasons are not those that come courtesy of Mother Nature, in fact the seasons that concern retailers are based on spikes and lulls in customer demand.  

Retailers: 4 Ways Business Loans Help Prepare for Seasonal Demand Cycles

Whether retailers sell electronics, smoothies, home furnishings or anything else in the multi-billion dollar retail landscape, the fact remains that short-term success and long-term survival is rooted in the ability to manage — and sometimes withstand and endure — seasonal demand cycles. Below, we highlight 4 practical ways that business loans help retailers of allRead More

5 Signs That Inventory Financing Might be the Right Funding Solution for Your Business

If you’re in the market for business funding, then you’ve already discovered (or will very shortly find out!) that there are many different products available. Especially if you head into the alternative funding marketplace, there are fewer restrictions and therefore more options to choose from. As you’re browsing funding options, one lesser known option thatRead More

When is Purchase Order Financing Right for Your Business?

Here’s common scenario: a business receives a significant purchase order that would generate substantial profit. But the profit isn’t the only benefit to a large purchase order! It also deepens competitive advantage, boosts brand visibility, and creates a strong customer relationship that could lead to several more purchase orders down the road, along with highRead More

Make Your Holiday Season Bright with Retail Business Financing from National Business Capital!

Anticipating working capital requirements for holiday merchandise is difficult for retailers to factor. Retail business funding becomes tricky with all the variables: In addition to ordering a sufficient number of select products, retailers have to consider in-store and outdoor decoration, promotional materials and more. Very often, an item will spark with consumers and quickly becomeRead More

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