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7 Best POS Systems: Which Point-of-Sale Software Works for You?

Basic payment apps are economical solutions for payment processing when your business is in the early stages. But what do you do when you’re ready to grow? You need a point-of-sale system with features that go beyond the basics. A robust POS puts everything you need for payment processing and business management right at yourRead More

2019 Holiday Season: Common Inventory & Cash Flow Challenges

If you’re in the retail game, then you probably have mixed feelings about the holiday season. It can be one of the most stressful times of the year— filled with inventory and cash flow challenges— but also the most lucrative.

How to Get More Cars & Trucks for Your Car Dealership Lot

Car buyers spend around 14 hours researching and shopping for vehicles before making their final purchasing decisions.  After all that time, the customers who walk onto your lot know exactly what they’re looking for. If you want their business, you need to be prepared to deliver. That means always having the most desirable vehicles inRead More

Liquor Store Business Loans: Get in the Spirit By Raising the Holiday Bar

The holidays are coming, and if you own a wine or liquor store, you have a huge opportunity to cater to the holiday spirit with liquor store business loans. According to Nielsen, 2016 wine sales between Christmas, New Years and Thanksgiving reached a whopping $1,898,520,975. Liquor sales during the same time were at $1,607,804,171. InRead More

PayPal Drops Out of Libra. Should You Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment?

This post was updated on October 11th to include information about eBay, Stripe, Mastercard, and Visa withdrawing from Libra, Facebook’s own unique cryptocurrency, following PayPal’s withdrawal last week. Breaking: eBay, Stripe, Mastercard, and Visa recently announced that they are withdrawing from Facebook’s cryptocurrency project, Libra. PayPal, one of the FinTech companies that had pledged toRead More

Supply Chain Management Software: How You Can Change the Game

Supply chains are detailed, complex, and – if you don’t have the right tools to help you understand what’s going on every step of the way – baffling. Most small businesses don’t have the time or resources to manage their entire supply chains single-handedly.Trying to do so can create a significant potential for error andRead More

Holiday Inventory: How to Buy Merchandise You Need Before the Rush (2019)

With the 2019 holiday season on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare your business for the coming rush. You’ll need to take on extra staff, update your store hours and, of course, stock up on inventory. Strategic holiday inventory planning should help you meet customer demands at peak times duringRead More

Streamline Retail Operations with This APS Software

With business operations streamlined, your company is better suited to make strategic decisions and respond quickly to customers’ needs. But with a technically complex business model and a thousand processes in place, how can you manage it? Maintaining efficient, cost-effective operations keeps you on target to meet your business goals and offers a competitive advantage byRead More

How to Use Cash App for Your Business: The Complete Guide

Cash App, also called Square Cash, appeared in 2013 as a simple app for peer-to-peer payments and was expanded for business use in 2015. This new cash app might be the answer for small businesses looking for a quick and easy way to accept payments or add another payment option for customers. However, some ofRead More

The Retail Apocalypse: Is Amazon Prime Day to Blame for Store Closures?

It happened to Toys R Us. It happened to Blockbuster, RadioShack and Sports Authority. Now, the looming threat of retail store closures appears to have become a reality for several more popular retailers. According to Coresight Research, retailers across the board have announced 7,062 store closures this year. Projections show that this number could climbRead More

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