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Professional/Business Trends

What You Need to Incorporate a Business in 2019 [Checklist]

Your thriving business may have started out as a spontaneous side hustle, but if you want to enjoy the same basic protections that corporations have, then it’s time to incorporate. Forming a corporation can protect your personal assets and provide benefits when tax time rolls around, but there’s a process to follow if you wantRead More

How To Choose The Best Small Business Health Insurance

Are you offering your small business employees a health insurance plan you can be proud of? From time to time, it’s important for all small business owners to evaluate the provided health insurance plan, and make sure that it satisfies the needs of their employees. Without the bandwidth, time, resources and connections that major corporationsRead More

7 Ways to Prevent Small Business Cyber Attacks

Changing your locks may protect your small business from intruders, but unfortunately, warding off hackers isn’t as simple. In 2018, two thirds of small-medium businesses suffered at least one type of cyber security attack. As the internet has evolved, hackers have refined their techniques to reach a wider pool of victims, faster than ever. WhetherRead More

The Problem with Using Personal Savings to Cover Business Expenses

Many small businesses will experience hardship at some point during their existence. Indeed, 73% of small businesses use loans –– and that figure should galvanize any new business owner and help alleviate any fears they may harbor about business financing. Just because a business owner is a little short on cash from time to time,Read More

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