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Small Business Administration Loan Stimulus for Coronavirus: FAQ

This post was updated on 3/18 to include information about an additional $250 billion SBA stimulus package announced by President Trump. The novel coronavirus has now infected over 1,300 people in the United States. The NBA, MLB, and Live Nation all canceled or suspended upcoming games and events, with the possibility of things picking upRead More

Coronavirus Business Impact: How Will It Affect Your Business?

The coronavirus outbreak continues to wreak havoc across the world, and has now reached 81 countries. Medical authorities are rushing to develop new containment strategies that slow (or stop) the virus from spreading, with limited success. When the virus was largely isolated in China, American manufacturers were suffering from the coronavirus business impact. Now thatRead More

Referral Programs for Small Businesses: The Definitive Guide

If you haven’t started a referral program for small businesses, what are you waiting for? 60% of marketers say referral programs are an effective way to generate a high volume of leads. 78% of B2B marketers describe referral lead quality as “good” or “excellent.” Well-planned referral programs for small businesses leverage all parts of theRead More

Coronavirus Economic Impact in China: What’s Next for US Manufacturing?

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc in China, from its origin in central Wuhan to Beijing and beyond. The virus in the U.S. is far from reaching epidemic proportions, but it’s started to affect Americans where it really hurts: the economy. How will the coronavirus economic impact affect American manufacturing? Chinese manufacturing plants play a major roleRead More

3 Easy Ways You Can Become Certified as a Minority Business Owner

According to a 2018 report from the U.S. Small Business Administration, minorities own 8 million of the country’s 30.2 million small businesses. The Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship found minority-owned businesses made up more than 50% of the 2 million new U.S. businesses started in the last decade. Of the small businesses drivingRead More

7 Business Challenges to Prepare for When Going Online in 2020

How can improving your digital marketing strategy help you overcome business challenges in 2020? Competition is fierce in the online space with businesses of all sizes fighting for attention.  Big businesses with big budgets pay top dollar for their messages to be seen. This often makes it harder for small business owners to profit fromRead More

2019 Small Business Failure Rate: Startup Statistics by Industry

You’ve probably heard the classic story about small business failure rates. Business can be moving along well one moment, and an epic business disaster could happen to anyone out of nowhere.  While it’s true every business venture carries some level of risk, failure statistics shouldn’t scare you away from your startup dreams. Instead, it’s bestRead More

5 Exciting Restaurant Industry Trends in 2019 | Design & Marketing Tips

2/3 of consumers say they can’t replicate the flavors of their favorite restaurant foods at home. That means they’re going out at least once a week to seek out unique dining experiences. But with over 1 million restaurants in the U.S. clamoring for attention, it takes a little creativity in marketing and design to makeRead More

Visa Plaid Acquisition Explained: What’s Next for Fintech?

Do young fintech startups stand a fighting chance against the time-tested traditional institutions? The recent Visa-Plaid acquisition means they might not have to. Visa recently bought Plaid, a thriving fintech startup, for $5.3 billion. This sizable purchase price is over twice Plaid’s recent valuation of $2.65 billion. While not a direct competitor, Plaid is deeplyRead More

CES 2020: Will Wellness Pods Open New Doors for Businesses?

We don’t have flying cars quite yet, but we’re close. This past week, technology companies worldwide introduced some of their latest and greatest technology at CES 2020, an annual tech conference held in Las Vegas.  Sony revealed the Vision-S electronic “concept” car. In addition to offering a world-class entertainment system fitted with  surround-sound speakers, itRead More

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