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CES 2020: Will Wellness Pods Open New Doors for Businesses?

We don’t have flying cars quite yet, but we’re close. This past week, technology companies worldwide introduced some of their latest and greatest technology at CES 2020, an annual tech conference held in Las Vegas.  Sony revealed the Vision-S electronic “concept” car. In addition to offering a world-class entertainment system fitted with  surround-sound speakers, itRead More

5-Step Guide: Using LinkedIn Services to Drive Leads

Over 10 million small business leaders now use LinkedIn to network, market and connect with potential customers. There are more professionals than ever to network with— but there’s also more competition. How can you stand out among the crowd?  The new LinkedIn Services feature allows you to do just that. It transforms your personal profileRead More

How to Hire (And Keep) The Best Millennial Talent in Your Small Business

By 2025, millennials will make up more than 75% of the working population of the world.  Born between 1981 and 1996, this young, innovative generation is often pegged as being entitled, lazy and clueless. But as Silicon Valley has shown us, nothing could be further from the truth. To recruit millennials is to tap intoRead More

12 Improvements to Make for Your Employee Handbook In 2020

Your company has key policies that keep it running smoothly, and you need a simple way to communicate them without confusion. Your employee handbook brings all the details together in one place! Whether it’s a digital file or physical document, this is a great resource anyone with questions can refer to.  But you can’t justRead More

Why You Need to Harness the Power of Networking (And How to Do It)

Networking isn’t just a way for college grads to land that dream entry-level job— it can be a pivotal strategy in helping your business grow. Networking is a common strategy for business professionals to both broaden their knowledge about their field, as well as related fields, and expand their circle in the process. But, theRead More

PayPal Drops Out of Libra. Should You Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment?

This post was updated on October 11th to include information about eBay, Stripe, Mastercard, and Visa withdrawing from Libra, Facebook’s own unique cryptocurrency, following PayPal’s withdrawal last week. Breaking: eBay, Stripe, Mastercard, and Visa recently announced that they are withdrawing from Facebook’s cryptocurrency project, Libra. PayPal, one of the FinTech companies that had pledged toRead More

Answering Services Your Business Can’t Be Without in 2019

With today’s focus on social media and mobile solutions, you might think most customers get their first impressions of your company online. Surprisingly, though, the old-fashioned phone still ranks as one of the top five sales tools for businesses, which makes a positive call experience a critical part of your customer service strategy. Good serviceRead More

Is Your Business Over or Underinsured? How to Find Out

Does the question of how to buy business insurance have you confused? You’re not alone; many small business owners don’t understand the amount or type of coverage they need to be fully protected on all fronts. Some opt for the cheapest policies or avoid buying insurance altogether in an attempt to minimize expenses, and othersRead More

What You Need to Incorporate a Business in 2019 [Checklist]

Your thriving business may have started out as a spontaneous side hustle, but if you want to enjoy the same basic protections that corporations have, then it’s time to incorporate. Forming a corporation can protect your personal assets and provide benefits when tax time rolls around, but there’s a process to follow if you wantRead More

How To Choose The Best Small Business Health Insurance

Are you offering your small business employees a health insurance plan you can be proud of? From time to time, it’s important for all small business owners to evaluate the provided health insurance plan, and make sure that it satisfies the needs of their employees. Without the bandwidth, time, resources and connections that major corporationsRead More

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