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Newsday Recognizes National as Top Small Employer on Long Island

National Business Capital & Services was recently recognized as the #1 Small Business Employer on Long Island by Newsday, the leading Long Island newspaper! Newsday also recognized National as a Top “Doer” for  Innovative, Tech-Forward Marketing & IT Practices. At National, we’ve made employee culture, satisfaction and experience a top priority as we help businessRead More

National Announces New Performance Advance Financing Solution

National Business Capital & Services is thrilled to announce the new Performance Advance Financing Solution! Hot on the heels of the revolutionary Hybridge SBA Loan™, we’ve changed the small business financing game yet again with a new performance-based financing solution! The Performance Advance Financing Solution is breaking down lending barriers by offering business owners capitalRead More

This Software Replaces Entire HR Departments

How much time and money are you spending on HR? Probably more than you think. On average, small business owners devote 25 to 35 percent of their working hours to HR tasks. HR specialists have a median annual salary of nearly $60,000, and paying an HR manager can cost over $110,000 per year. If youRead More

Secured Business Loans: National’s Ultimate Guide to Loan Collateral (2019)

The growth and success of most businesses often require access to additional funds. If your small business is in need of extra money, secured loans can be the key to overcoming challenges or taking advantage of available opportunities. Jump Into The Guide… What is a Secured Business Loan How to Get a Secured Business LoanRead More

National’s Small Business Confidence Index: March 2019 Results

On March 31, 2019, National Business Capital & Services (National), released the results of their National Business Confidence Index survey. The survey was conducted to gain insight into how confident US business owners are in growing their businesses this year. Six key industries were asked to take part in the survey: Food & Beverage, Construction,Read More

New Exoskeleton Gives Construction Workers Super-Human Strength

Later this year, Sarcos Robotics will release the Guardian XO: an exoskeleton robot suit designed to give construction workers superhuman strength. Not unlike something from the pages of an Iron Man comic, this latest advancement in construction technology will be used to easily lift materials far beyond the limits of human strength, as well as improve workerRead More

Government Shutdown Closes SBA, Millions of Small Businesses Affected

The government shutdown closed the Small Business Administration (SBA) in Washington DC, affecting millions of small business owners throughout the nation. 1/14/2019 UPDATE: Government Shutdown Now the Longest in American History The government has now been closed for 23 days, breaking the 21-day record set in 1995 by during Bill Clinton’s administration, making the currentRead More

The Bittersweet Shipping Industry Outlook for 2019

Between the global trade war and unprecedented shifts in supply and demand, 2018 was a wild year for the US shipping industry. Such a volatile global shipping market begs the question: “What will 2019 bring?”  A Bittersweet Outlook Overall for 2019 Shipping Companies A quick glance shows a promising outlook for the shipping industry nextRead More

The Importance of Delivering Happiness to National Business Capital

While most employees at National Business Capital (NBC) were open to the idea of committing two days to working with culture-building organization Delivering Happiness (DH), some remained skeptical. Every hour of every day is extremely valuable to any business, and so the idea of committing those hours to something as outside of their job descriptionsRead More

Watch: CM&M LIVE with Joseph Camberato, President of NBC

CM&M LIVE with Joseph Camberato from NBC Last month, Joseph Camberato, President of National Business Capital was invited by Capolo, Middleton & McCormic LLP (CM&M) to discuss the state of small business growth in today’s economy, and how NBC offers easier, faster alternative business financing options when traditional methods fail to provide. Full Video TranscriptRead More

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