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3 Ways to Utilize Business Funding to Combat Decreasing Restaurant Sales

As a restaurant owner, watching your sales numbers tumble from week-to-week or month-to-month is the last thing you want to see. Indeed, not understanding how to combat decreasing restaurant sales is a helpless feeling –– especially if you’ve been successful in the past. The crucial thing to remember though, is if you find yourself staringRead More

How to Choose a Company for Merchant Processing Services

Any business owner serious about taking their company to the next level should consider adding merchant processing services to their operation. Companies that can process credit-card sales are better positioned than their competitors who don’t; or to put it even more simply, being able to process credit-card transactions will likely lead to an increase inRead More

Best Long & Short Term Loan Options for Your Business

Making long-term plans and setting lofty goals for your business is a wonderful way to motivate yourself and your staff. However, sometimes a short-term business loan is the best option to navigate a tricky financial situation. Luckily, you won’t have to sweat applying for a fast business loan –– provided you know where to lookRead More

24 Hour Business Loans: How to Get Approved Fast

Needing to secure a business loan in a twenty-four hour period is far from ideal. Under different circumstances, it’s usually better practice to take your time when shopping for a business loan, but small businesses aren’t built in ideal worlds –– they exist in this one. So from time to time, emergencies happen: plans fallRead More

What’s the Difference Between Cash Advances and Loans?

The Bottom Line: Both business loans and cash advances provide the capital that you need to grow right away. The primary difference between the two rests in how they are paid back. Nearly every small business needs a little extra funding from time to time. And this is especially true if your company is justRead More

4 Questions to Answer Before Applying for Equipment Loans

Many small businesses will run into the need to finance heavy machinery at some point in their existence –– and this is especially true of companies in the construction, medical, or technical industries. And rather than shelling out thousands, and potentially hundreds of thousands, of dollars on costly and highly specialized equipment up front, itRead More

4 Ways Your Social Media Can Influence Getting a Business Loan

Whether we realize it or not, our presence on social media affects nearly every aspect of our lives. And that includes the financial sector. Indeed, having a vibrant social-media presence can make a positive impact when your small business goes to apply for a loan. Conversely, having an outdated or unresponsive social media footprint won’tRead More

Commercial Mortgage Loans: 3 Things You Need to Know Before Applying

A commercial mortgage is a loan that is secured by commercial real estate, such as an office, building, warehouse, mall, apartment complex, and so on. In return for pledging collateral, business owners get a lower interest rate (and therefore lower total cost of borrowing) vs. an unsecured business loan. They also typically qualify for aRead More

Medical Practice Loans: 3 Keys to Getting the Most Value

At National Business Capital & Services, we proudly provide physicians across the country with medical practice loans, so they can continue providing essential care for their respective — and growing — patient rosters. At the same time, we also provide guidance and advice on how physicians can get the most value from their financing. ToRead More

New Business Loans: What are the Funding Requirements?

Many things have changed in the last several years. For example, there is now a generation of people that cannot comprehend what life was like when “the web” was exclusively where spiders lived, and when the only people who said “iPhone” were those who needed some remedial help with their pronouns.

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