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Referral Programs for Small Businesses: The Definitive Guide

If you haven’t started a referral program for small businesses, what are you waiting for? 60% of marketers say referral programs are an effective way to generate a high volume of leads. 78% of B2B marketers describe referral lead quality as “good” or “excellent.” Well-planned referral programs for small businesses leverage all parts of theRead More

7 Business Challenges to Prepare for When Going Online in 2020

How can improving your digital marketing strategy help you overcome business challenges in 2020? Competition is fierce in the online space with businesses of all sizes fighting for attention.  Big businesses with big budgets pay top dollar for their messages to be seen. This often makes it harder for small business owners to profit fromRead More

5 Exciting Restaurant Industry Trends in 2019 | Design & Marketing Tips

2/3 of consumers say they can’t replicate the flavors of their favorite restaurant foods at home. That means they’re going out at least once a week to seek out unique dining experiences. But with over 1 million restaurants in the U.S. clamoring for attention, it takes a little creativity in marketing and design to makeRead More

5-Step Guide: Using LinkedIn Services to Drive Leads

Over 10 million small business leaders now use LinkedIn to network, market and connect with potential customers. There are more professionals than ever to network with— but there’s also more competition. How can you stand out among the crowd?  The new LinkedIn Services feature allows you to do just that. It transforms your personal profileRead More

11 Free Ways to Grow Your Business [Marketing Guides]

Have you been struggling with your budget and worrying about how to grow your business with no money? Don’t sweat it.  Funding for marketing can help, but you don’t need to spend a dime to attract new customers and increase sales.  Small business owners often face the dilemma of having too little cash to prioritizeRead More

5 Restaurant Menu Design Tips for 2020 [Infographic]

Your restaurant’s menu is a major connection between you and your customers. Created correctly, your menu can be your single most effective marketing tool. But why does having the best restaurant menu design matter? Good menu design has the potential to increase profits by as much as 15%. This is a significant boost, especially inRead More

How to Get More Clients: The Digital Marketing Must-Haves

The world of advertising is changing, so if you want more clients, your strategy needs to evolve!  Online content consumption is set to overtake traditional platforms like TV, radio and newspaper. If you want to respond to this trend, create digital marketing plan to place your brand’s messages in front of more eyes. Using aRead More

How to Use Social Media for Your Business: 7 Insider Tricks

With 3.04 billion active users around the world, social media platforms are fertile ground for marketing. But using social media for business gets trickier all the time.  Customers assume brands are active where they are; in fact, 62% expect you to provide customer service through social media! Meanwhile, platforms like Facebook keep adjusting their algorithms,Read More

Driving Leads to Your Small Business Using a Podcast: Step by Step

Among the 22 percent of U.S. podcast fans enjoying episodes on a weekly basis, the average listener subscribes to six of the 700,000 currently active shows. Avid listeners love podcasts because they’re easy to download and consume while driving, working out or taking care of chores. For companies, podcasting is an inexpensive way to reachRead More

Answering Services Your Business Can’t Be Without in 2019

With today’s focus on social media and mobile solutions, you might think most customers get their first impressions of your company online. Surprisingly, though, the old-fashioned phone still ranks as one of the top five sales tools for businesses, which makes a positive call experience a critical part of your customer service strategy. Good serviceRead More

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