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Coronavirus Economic Impact in China: What’s Next for US Manufacturing?

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc in China, from its origin in central Wuhan to Beijing and beyond. The virus in the U.S. is far from reaching epidemic proportions, but it’s started to affect Americans where it really hurts: the economy. How will the coronavirus economic impact affect American manufacturing? Chinese manufacturing plants play a major roleRead More

2019 Small Business Failure Rate: Startup Statistics by Industry

You’ve probably heard the classic story about small business failure rates. Business can be moving along well one moment, and an epic business disaster could happen to anyone out of nowhere.  While it’s true every business venture carries some level of risk, failure statistics shouldn’t scare you away from your startup dreams. Instead, it’s bestRead More

How Business Loans & Innovative Tech Can Reinvent Manufacturing Success

The fourth industrial revolution is underway, but we’re well beyond steam engines: it’s all about tech.  Innovative manufacturing technology is completely transforming production, maintenance, supply chain management, field service and even employee training.  Dubbed Industry 4.0, this new wave of interconnectivity and information isn’t something your business can afford to miss.  Introducing Game-Changing New ManufacturingRead More

New Landscaping Equipment That Helps You Take on More Customers This Summer

As summer rolls around, your landscaping business needs to be ready to tackle more projects and deliver stellar results to every customer. If you want to focus on landscaping business growth throughout the season, check out these smart equipment upgrades. Switch to a More Efficient Riding Lawn Mower When it comes to landscaping supplies, aRead More

How to Replace Manufacturing Equipment Without Breaking the Bank

When manufacturing machinery shuts down, so does business. Huge delays in operations can cripple production, kill efficiency, and bring your cash flow to a stand still. With peak manufacturing season in full swing, and the costs of manufacturing equipment rising with each passing year, knowing how to replace equipment quickly and without breaking the bankRead More

7 Busted Myths About Invoice Factoring

Just saying the words ‘invoice factoring’ leaves a bad taste in the mouths of most business owners. There’s a few myths about invoice factoring that cloud the truth of it actually being one of the easiest, fastest ways to turn invoices into much-needed cash. To help, National’s Business Financing Advisors got to work busting theRead More

7 Key Benefits of Equipment Financing for Manufacturing

For many manufacturers, the costs of purchasing new equipment — or replacing equipment that has reached its end-of-life — can be more than daunting: it can be prohibitive. Fortunately, that is where National Business Capital’s equipment financing for manufacturing enters the picture as a practical and affordable solution.  

Manufacturers: Top 5 Ways to Gear Up for Summer ‘18

When it comes time to to prepare for the business boom that comes with summer months, manufacturing businesses have a lot of work to do. Not only do they benefit from the boost warm weather brings to any single industry, but to all the industries they manufacture products for. By taking the right preparatory measures,Read More

Construction Business Outlook for Summer 2018

According to statistics from the United States Census Bureau, construction businesses this summer will most likely have more opportunities coming their way than ever before. With the right preparation, construction businesses could be facing their busiest year yet. Without the right financial plan, contractors could be missing out on what is projected to be theRead More

Commercial Vehicle Loans: 4 Frequently Asked Questions

Business owners from every industry are contacting National Business Capital & Services’ financing advisors with questions about the benefits of using commercial vehicle loans to finance their business goals.  Here’s the answers to the top 4 questions clients are asking National’s financing advisors about commercial vehicle financing: Q1:  What Qualifies as a Commercial Vehicle? AnyRead More

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