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Pros and Cons of Investing in a Franchise

Investing in a franchise can help you become a business owner who is part of an industry worth approximately $2.1 trillion. With an estimated 900,000 franchise businesses in operation, it’s easy to assume that investing in a franchise is a safe way to grow your wealth. But is investing in a franchise really as simpleRead More

The Real Reason Why Toys “R” Us is Closing

This blog post was last updated on October 10, 2019 to include new information about Toys R Us selling products through eCommerce and Target. Toys “R” Us Teams Up With Target For eCommerce Sales Toys “R” Us recently launched an updated eCommerce store before opening new retail stores later this year.  This new website includesRead More

3 Franchise Financing Options to Power Your Business Ownership Dream

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life and backgrounds bring their business ownership dream to life by purchasing a franchise. If you are thinking of following that well-forged path to personal satisfaction and profitable success, then here are 3 franchise financing options to consider:

3 Ways that Franchise Loans Can Launch & Grow Your Business

The number of franchises in the U.S. is on the rise — and it’s easy to understand why. Implementing a proven business model, leveraging established brand equity and marketplace visibility, and getting ongoing support on everything from supply chain management to marketing are all major assets.   3 Ways that Franchise Loans Can Launch and GrowRead More

3 Things to Watch Out for When Assessing Various Franchising Loans

If you have the drive and determination to run your own business, but would prefer to trade some control and potential profitability for added support and reduced risk, then a franchise might be the ideal opportunity. However, franchise fees typically start in the 5-figures for smaller operations, and run into 6 and 7-figures for moreRead More

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Accountant

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you know there’s more to your success than simply being passionate about your product. After you put your team together and start putting out products, you realize pretty quickly that you need to do some more complicated business management tasks – like accounting. If you’re the type of businessRead More

How to Get Financing for a Franchise

More and more people are turning away from corporate jobs to become their own bosses. Business ownership carries many responsibilities, however. Many elect to purchase a franchise from a well-established firm to increase their chances for personal success. Due to the failure of many self-owned businesses banks place stringent requirements for their loan applicants. InRead More

Franchise Financing From National Business Capital & Services

Do you own a franchise or are you looking to purchase a new location for your existing franchise? National Business Capital & Services has franchise financing and restaurant financing programs available to you with a variety of customizable options.  We offer premium programs and our franchise clients have funded multiple locations through us. Though thereRead More

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